Monday, April 12, 2010


So, I realize, that of late we (Matt and I) have been neglecting our blog, and therefore leaving some of our readers without updates on the girls. :( Also, this means that we are not having as much documented in a diary/journal form for the girls as they get older to read about what they were like when they were little. So, I have had a mid-year New Year's Resolution to work on updating the blog more often, even if the posts end up or start being smaller so to speak. I have to admit, putting pictures on FB is so much easier, but not everyone who reads our blog is on FB, so here goes!

People who live here in STL have been SPOILED for this past month of April! While March was rainy and cold (with a few awesome exceptions), April has started off with a BANG and in a great way! It has been ABSOLUTELY beautiful here, the girls LOVE to be outside. Literally the first thing that Olivia says each morning, after telling me HI/Good Morning/singing our I Love you song (so so precious)/and outside or house. Both of them just want to be outside ALL day long. They want to play in their house in the backyard, run up and down the hill, run along the fence or even just run around. They are not picky, as long as they get to go outside. It's adorable. They get to go outside often at Georgine's house (GIGI as they call her) and play on her patio and love it there too...she's the first one to start this love affair for them!

Anyways, this weekend was beautiful. On Saturday we played outside and on Sunday the girls went to visit Matt's Dad and his step-mom Vicki at their farm. BOY did they have a good time. They were so so cute, loved it out there, like all the other grandchildren do...I mean, who wouldn't love a farm with: HORSES, a play set, sandbox, four-wheelers/gators for kids to drive, big fields to run around in, a dog, you name it, they have it...and the girls tried it ALL! Matt and I discussed later on Sunday evening, what a fun fun weekend it was and how much we just enjoyed being a's so cool to see the world again through the girl's eyes too!

Miss Olivia, as soon as she got out of the car to see her Papa, allowed him to hold her hand and walk her down to see the so cute!

Sydney didn't want to hold anyone's hand, but Bear' she ran down after her sister and Papa, as the rest of us followed her.

Grandpa introducing Olivia to the concept of a cute!

Yeah...Sydney's not quite sure what to make of this LARGE thing....she later did use her words and say horsey, but at first she was a little apprehensive of the horses!

Stepping back to show she wasn't sure what to make of the horse...still holding on tightly to Bear.

Showing the girls how to feed the horse's snacks....

Running to go check out the playset/swing that Olivia is already in....this is Grandma Vicki and Miss Sydney...

Daddy and his girls....

Playing around under the swing set.

Sydney, bringing me the sun screen that we'd forgotten to put on the girls before we left the house! :(

Sydney...can I have Mama? or Mommy as she calls me these days.
Olivia...pick me UP Mama...she doesn't call me Mommy as much as Sydney does. She's still a fan of Mama.

Playing around on the Gator....Daddy is using Grandpa's cane to push the accelerator...the steering wheel is just set to go in circles!

Olivia...LOVED the gator!

Miss Sydney standing in the back...grr.

Sydney running to join Daddy and Olivia at the swingset.
Sydney playing in the fun!

Olivia seemed to think the sandbox was pretty cool too!

Olivia playing in the house after lunch...the girls LOVED all the fun toys Grandma and Grandpa had at their house...That's what happens when youre #5 & #6 in the line of Grandchildren....the grandparents already have toys for you to play! YAY!

I almost bought the girls this toy...after hearing it in action at Grandma and Grandpas, I made a WISE decision! :)

Sydney playing around...she seemed to think Grandma's decorations were fun toys to play with...NOT!

Olivia RUNNING...she did a lot of this!

Cousin Luke taking Olivia's picture...she was very confused by this! :)
Sydney pushing her sister in the swing!

Sydney...waving to our neighbor!

Sydney and her 'flower'. Sadly, in her Eyes and Olivia's there aren't enough of these 'flowers' or flowies as Olivia calls them in our backyard. :( baby monkey!

Sydney climbed on top of the table in their house...not quite what Matt and I had pictured as an acceptable use of the house, when we bought the girls the house!

Sydney...climbing out the window of the house..this child is going to be the death of me...she's a CLIMBER!

Olivia...she is just so so busy when she's outside!


Olivia...telling her sister to GET DOWN...obviously Sydney is NOT listening!

Olivia, trying to bust out of the fence!

Olivia HATES socks and shoes...wonder who she gets that from?
Hope All is well,

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