Wednesday, June 9, 2010

May Fun....

May was a busy busy month for us! It seems like it was a slow month (probably b/c it was the last month of school, but then the next thing I knew I was officially off from school)! YAY! Summer Break/re-charge is good for all...teachers AND students! :)

For my first day off of summer break, the girls had their last day of day care with Ms. Georgine. SO, I was off to do some Mommy was definately on the agenda. It was nice to just have a me day! Because it was also the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, Matt got off of work at 3, so he came home and we both went and picked up the girls for their last day of daycare. When we got home, Matt said, "Let's wash the cars!" It was hot and the girls would probably enjoy it so we were all game.

Here are the girls playing around in their new swimsuits from Grandma Carol and GrandDude. Sadly, the suits are already too small...odd b/c all of their other 18 month swimsuits fit just must just be that manufacturer. :( Makes me mad, like my parents wasted their money on them, and I hate that. :(

Miss Sydney having her afternoon snack before washing cars....
When the girls FIRST got outside, they were a little apprehensive of the hose, but they soon warmed up to how fun washing cars is! THey share this in common with their GrandDude who LOVES to wash cars! :)
I'm pretty sure the rest of these pictures are self-explanatory! :) Enjoy.....

Olivia wanted to go across the street to see Mr. Jim and Ms. Donna's we safely crossed the street and went to visit! :)
Oh oh oh...this water is fun Mama!

Sydney LOVED the bucket of water...thankfully it was too heavy for her! :)
All wrapped up and nowhere to go....apparently we were shivering!
Sydney hamming it up for the camera!
Olivia and her baby. We've been working on how to take care of babies for several they love their baby dolls, two there is a baby at daycare, and three my best friend (whom I'm expecting to probably spend a lot of day time with this summer) is due with her baby any day....(Baby Rachel arrived on 6/7 @ 2:5 pm), and I want to make sure they know how to act around and treat babies.

Playing on our new table and chairs that I got at a garage sale down the street. Best $7 I've spent yet! :)
On Tues, 5.26. A friend of mine from my Multiple's Chat site buried her baby boy, JW who was 20 months old. In Honor of JW, everyone wore blue that day and blue bubbles and took pics of their little one to support Tiffany and her family. Here is a picture of the girls in their blue for JW.
On Saturday, May 23rd, the girls went to Cameron and Collin Davis' 2nd birthday party...they had a lot of fun playing with people THEIR size, and exploring all the new toys that Cameron and Collin and their older brother Brandon have!

Olivia giving me the look as I am taking her picture with Collin!
Olivia playing with the boy's kitchen...notice all the tape...that's to keep them from CLIMBING!

Mom...I like this bow and all, but it fell here goes! :)
Sydney playing in the ball pit and being a diva with sunglasses! :)

Cassius is Toy Story obsessed too....resting on Buzz Lightyear....
Olivia, Papa Gale, and all her toys...

Sydney fell asleep during her breathing treatment...with Buzz...this was BEFORE Cassius got a hold of him as a pillow! :)

Hope All is Well,

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