Monday, November 1, 2010

End of Fall Fun....

In keeping with the spirit of 'fall' and the potential preparation for winter, we have been making sure that we get the girls out and about as much as possible, because before we know it, it's going to be winter and we're not going to have too many of those nice warm days. Our fall, started off pretty warm, and to date, the weather people keep talking about how mild of a fall we have had.

Here are some of our fall outings.....

Our favorite place of all...our backyard features prominently, that and well, the Elementary school up the street from has not one, but 2 play grounds and we go there's nice to have one whole playground entirely to yourself...and the history geek in me LOVES the giant map of the US, I tell the girls all the states, but they don't get it YET...never fear, they'll know them soon enough! :)

Miss Olivia....
 SOMETIMES...we share, it doesn't last long and typically Olivia shares more than Sydney does, BUT we're learning about of these days it will stick! :)

 Miss Sydney...she's such a ham, always smiling for the camera!
One afternoon, during Naptime, our Elmo kitchen went away to the it's place came the Elmo tool bench, and it's pretty cool....Sydney and Olivia especially love the songs that it these pictures they were dancing around like nutjobs to the Elmo's Working At the ToolBench song...they love it...and for $12 I do too, only complaint is that there's no volume button on the Sesame Street Toys like there are on Fischer Price toys. :( Boo, well, you can't have it all! :)

My attempt at getting a picture of Olivia and Sydney together....dang it's hard these days to get them to BOTH smile..and cooperate, but oh well! :)

One afternoon, after work, playing in the backyard with our super cool sidewalk chalk, and well, just running around, which is always fun when you have two toddlers! :)

Oh, Mommy....I'm very serious here, coloring with chalk is a VERY serious least according to Olivia!
 Sydney sure does love to sit on this hill in our's so cute!

The infamous playground....

Miss Olivia in action....

COOLEST part of the playground..okay, I may be biased, but it's so fun! Can't wait until the girls can identify the states as they walk over them! :)

Even Sugar gets to go to the park more often these days...fringe benefit to being an only dog. :( Poor baby girl. :(
Miss Sydney playing around on the super awesome, super secret playground!

Hope all is well,

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