Sunday, October 24, 2010

Apple Picking....

Fall = Pumpkins and Apples...yum. Two of my most favorite things to bake with, and with that in mind, to consume! Dieting in the fall is a hard task! :)  I love, love, love fall. It's my absolutely most favorite time of the year, It's Matt's as well. In fact, we did discuss the fact that had I not been unable to take time off during the fall, we probably would have gotten married in the fall. Boo. Sadly, I digress. Anyways, we both love fall, and we are dedicated, with winter and cold times coming, in getting the girls out and about as much as possible! In that quest, one thing that I always used to do with my mom, was go apple picking in the fall. And if you're from STL, then you know that Eckert's is the place to be. Since we don't live too far from their Millstadt farm, we chose to go there...and man is that place much neat stuff for kids to do. My brother and his wife joined us and we all had a blast, especially the girls, who now think that apples are the best thing ever AND that it's awesome to pick their own food! I'm pretty much willing to bet that they each ate at least 3 full apples. Craziness....but so so much fun!

Playing around with the pumpkins!

 Tractor's are fun! DId you know that our Grandpa has a tractor? We like to go to his house and see his horses and ride the tractor..well, when our Mommy's not looking that is!
 Waiting in line to go apple picking..these bags sure are cool!
 "HELPING" Uncle Mike 'pick' apples, well, he does the picking and we eat them...that's how this works in our world! :)

 "I feed you"...super least the girls share well!
 Riding back to purchase our was super warm that day!

 Miss Olivia....

 PLaying around on the cool equipment they have here....

Olivia and Aunt ZOMI....
 Uncle MIke and Sydney...

 Miss Sydney......

Hope all is well with you, and that you and your family had a wonderful fall too!


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