Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Traditions....

As the girls get older, we are attempting to establish more and more Christmas of those being Christmas, one night we ate dinner, put the girls in their PJ's and headed out to look at some super cool Christmas lights...and of course munch on some Christmas cookies, that the girls and I had baked together earlier in the day! That was certainly a learning experience...for me!  I know that as the girls get older, we'll create more and more traditions, but I do have to say, it was fun 'starting' some of those going to see Christmas LIghts in your PJs, this year! I'm pretty sure we all had a great time! :)

Here are the girls...before we left....apparently we needed to wear Daddy's hats!
Sydney in her Mizzou hat, she is always stealing this hat from her Daddy!

 Olivia....of course I bought Daddy another Mizzou Hat for Christmas, so that Olivia could have one to wear too...I didn't want her to feel left out, b/c she too loves TRUMAN TIGER!
Another family tradition we have, is celebrating Christmas with the Fatzingers. As the years have changed, so have our celebrations...we used to go out to a nice restaurant and then out to have some we hang with our kids..who were quite magically born very close fact if the girls had been born at term, they would have been 2 weeks YOUNGER than Caroline. Keith and Amy are also, one of the two sets of godparents to the girls, and Matt and I are Caroline's godparents as well. So cool to have awesome, fun friends, that we think of as family. So, the 23rd, we got all our kiddos together. Caroline is of course Sydney and Olivia's BFF and they are hers, It's super cute!

Here's Olivia running around....

Sydney being silly.....

Caroline..enjoying different toys, which is always super cool to kids!

Exchanging gifts for one another.....

The girls got these really really cool puppy sleeping bags from the Fatzingers, that they are obsessed with, and the girls gave Caroline a Jessie Doll, a Toodie shirt, a Foofa shirt, a doll, and some dress up clothes....everyone was super into the gifts and loved them all!

Sydney, wearing the fairy wings she gave Caroline.
 Saying her goodbyes....

After the Fatzinger's had gone, and bathtime was over, we found Olivia reading the new Night Before Christmas book that her Uncle Sean and Aunt Kelsey had's one of those recordable books....most thoughful gift of the season and the girls ADORE it!
What are your Christmas traditions?

Hope all is well,

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