Friday, April 22, 2011


After eagerly anticipating the arrival of Grandma Carol and GrandDude, the day finally came for them to come to STL, and boy were the girls excited. They woke up on Thursday morning and informed ME that Today was finally the day! No need to tell me that girls, Mommy is just as excited as you are! You see, we haven't seen Grandma and GrandDude since Uncle Sean and Aunt Kelsey's wedding on August 14, that is CRAZINESS! We can't do that anymore, so we're going to need to devise another visit schedule of some sort. For the last month, we've had a calendar to count down to our visit, and the girls were super excited to put a sticker in the box to indicate that we were one day closer to seeing Grandma and GrandDude.

Thankfully, their flight was arriving on the earlier side, 10:30 am. So, I kept the girls home from Georgine's house and we played around all morning long, well, until Neena (who had been out of town for the last 2 weeks, offered to come play with us while Mommy picked up some special desserts for the weekend).

After a quick visit with Grandma and GrandDude and lunch, the girls went down for a 2 hour nap, while Grandma and GrandDude went to get some groceries at are some pictures of us visiting/playing around in the basement/Guest Suite....then dinner, and dessert to celebrate Grandma's birthday a couple days early....

 Checking out the home-made tortillas that Grandma brought for Daddy ....they sure are yummy.

 Hanging with GrandDude, while he NAPS! :)
 aaaaand...he's out.
 One of the special cookies for Grandma Carol's birthday.....gotta love the cookies from the Cakery..
 Mommy and Olivia....
Be prepared to be tired....this weekend is sure to generate LOTS of blog postings!

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