Monday, May 23, 2011

A Birthday Party....

Today, we went to a birthday party for our friends Cameron and Collin. They are twins, just like us! They were born 8 weeks before we were, on the same day that Mommy had her surgery to keep us in her tummy. That's kind of cool. We always have fun at their house, they have super cool toys AND a big brother. That's even cooler. The party was even more super cool because our friend Caroline came as well!

A big #3 pretzel to show that the boys are 3 years old! Very yummy!

The theme for the party was are some yummy train cookies made by their aunt!

Arriving at the party in our party dresses, we are currently obsessed with dresses!
Playing around with our friends...

Olivia checking out the cat...his name is Oliver....poor girls, they want a cat, but Mommy is allergic to cats. :(
Sydney and the dump truck....that's what makes boys houses even more fun....trucks!

Olivia chasing Sydney....
Mommy and Olivia...
Sydney eating pretzel,,,
Olivia loves that bus....
Sydney pushing a car that she SHOULD be riding in, oh well!
Now it's O's turn with the trucks...

Aunt Amy and Caroline, fresh from Family pictures! Caroline is wearing her Stella Stegasauras shirt I made her.
Everyone playing together (well, the girls at least)

All in all a great party! Happy 3rd Birthday Cameron and Collin!

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