Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Down on the Farm....

For Memorial Day weekend, we spent our Sunday at Grandpa Gale and Grandma Vicki's farm and we had so much fun!

Here we are posing in front of the side of the barn....we got some super cute pictures out of this visit! :) Grandpa mentioned that Grandma had some pictures of the other grandchildren in front of the barn, so could we take some of the girls here too....
I call this the pirate grin....arggggggh!
LOVE your sister! :)
I especially love these next two pics...

Up in the loft with Daddy, we'll have to try these again, not too many came out! BOO.

 Riding on the tractor in the hay...almost as cool as seeing the horses!

This is Miss O
 Miss S

Feeding the horses. This is the part of the visit where Mommy goes into the house and hides, as she is allergic to horses. Boo. :(

looking out over their domain....so so cute.

Grandpa's Girls!

Monkeying around the farm!

As always, we had a wonderful visit to the farm....it started off kind of rough with the Sydney getting sick on the way down (in her defense she told her Daddy her tummy hurt), but she quickly recovered while at Grandpa's! We played the morning away, had a yummy lunch and then played some more before we headed home. Sadly the 40 minute drive home was NOT a good nap for the girls. Oh well! Off to a birthday party we went!

Hope all is well with you!

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