Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch...2011 Style!

Today, we took the girls to the Pumpkin Patch, and as has been our tradition for the last couple years, we went with some of our most favorite people! The girls were super super excited to see Caroline and Aunt Amy and Uncle Keith, especially Sydney who is in LOVE with Uncle Keith these days! :) 

I have to say, Rombach's keeps mixing up, when it comes to their Halloween Decorations and fun for the kiddos! This year they added a big dinosaur maze for the kids and several more playsets. The girls all seemed to enjoy them...a lot! This was the first year that we didn't have to race out the week before and purchase hats and winter jackets for the girls, as it was 85. YES, it was 85 today. STRANGE, but true. We're having a little Indian Summer here, especially since it was chilly the previous weekend, enough to wear jackets during the evenings and in the mornings. That is one of the very nice things about fall here, warm days and cool nights and mornings! But I have to say, it wasn't the same since it was so warm! :)

Here we are arriving at the Pumpkin Patch....a good view of the dragon...

 Playing around the playset.....

 Checking out the pumpkins that are 'THEIR size'...this comes from the fact that my mom picked up two gigantic pumpkins for us this week at the store and told them that those were Mommy and Daddy size pumpkins!
 I'm not sure what they thought was cooler...the giant mountain of pumpkins or the witch on top of it........
 One of us had a brilliant idea to get a picture of all the girls hats of off to professional photographers (of course they have cameras with faster shutter speeds than me, AND of course to parents of triplets) they get a picture with all 3 toddlers smiling and looking at the same place I am not sure....but it was pretty hilarious and made for some great entertainment for a bit..

 Poor Caroline...I think she was confused (but looking darned cute today)...the girls were just in a million different directions today!
 Climbing on the old-time fire truck...

 Sydney, pretending that Uncle Keith is her personal slave...she sure does love's so cute!
 OF course, after we took these pictures, I noticed a sign saying, "please do not climb on the giant pumpkins".....oops, guess they should have put one of those signs BOTH ends of the row of giant pumpkins!

 Olivia was fascinated by the messy pumpkins....
 Driving the tractor...I think they are not supposed to sit on these either. OOPS.
  Little Miss Independent...climbing the tractor all on her own...

 Not intentionally, we seem to find a new spot every year to have our family Pumpkin Patch pictures taken.....

 Notice they seem to suddenly have another family member? Doesn't she look familiar? Apparently Sydney wants to be in Uncle Keith's family cute...poor Caroline, she's got the GET OFF MY DADDY'S LAP NOW look! So funny!
 Showing me that she's scared of the scary guy on the tractor......THANK GOD they got rid of the scary noise making Halloween stuff this year....that traumatized her last year!
 After the pumpkin patch we went to Red Robin for lunch...and to get balloons...guess the joke was on us...they were out of balloons today. Darn it....apparently our girls were sick of us today...because they wanted to be with Aunt Amy and Uncle Keith at lunch today!
 awwwww....Sydney and Caroline hugging....

We still haven't officially declared what we are going to be for Halloween, it changes daily if not hourly, I've heard Dorothy, Tangled, Tiana, Snow White, Aurora, Buttercup, Pirate, Puppy Dog, cowgirl, Hans Solo, Princess Leia, Jessie.....Guess they want to keep us on their toes.....I did tell both girls that they had to decide in 2 weeks what they are.....and your guess is as good as mine as to what they are going to pick!

Hope All is well....I promise I'll be going back to post some stuff that's happened lately!

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