Monday, September 1, 2008

Putting the "Labor" in Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to everyone!

We'd like to recognize the arrival of "Aunt" Amy & "Uncle" Keith's little girl, Caroline, this morning just before 11 a.m. today. Seems Caroline decided she was big enough at 8lbs 15oz. and was ready to enter the world. Amy started having some pre-labor indicators last evening and headed to the hospital around 2:30 a.m... I received a text early this morning that Amy and Keith were at the hospital and just waiting to see what happened next. Then around noon I received a phone call from Keith telling me the good news! Both mom and baby are doing well! We are very excited for Caroline's arrival and look forward to many play dates with her and our girls!

Here's a quick recap of our weekend:

Saturday was a big day for me as it started with my Fantasy Football draft. After that the guys played some poker following the draft. After poker, I went down to see Sydney & Olivia briefly. I stopped in long enough to feed them both before heading home. I made it home in time to get comfy on the couch just before kickoff of the Mizzou/Illini game. (See the previous post for related pictures).

Sunday: Jeni and I spent most of our day at the hospital. It was bath day for both of the girls. As you saw in an earlier post, Olivia has had a bath given by mom. However, this was Sydney's first time in the tub. As you'll see, she wasn't exactly a fan. Following the hospital, we went out to our friends' Laurie & Dan's house in St. Charles. Laurie & Dan have the cutest 3 year old (soon to be 4 in December) triplets ever! Alyssa, Peyton, & Taylor entertained us all evening long with lots of giggles, squealing, & wrestling. It's amazing how quickly they've grown! We hadn't seen them since around March and they've gotten so big and talk so much now! And, they are all very excited hearing about our girls and can't wait to meet them!

Monday/Labor Day: Jeni went down mid-morning to spend time with Sydney & Olivia. I hung out at home and caught a ride down with Nana Sharon & Papa Rick. Sharon & Rick got in some quality time with the girls and some good pictures. They both needed to get some good pictures to take with them to Sharon's class reunion and to Rick's family gathering in Lebanon (the city in Missouri, not the middle-east country).

After feeding time and diaper changes, Jeni and I went home. I did some yard work while Jeni ran some errands. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing on the couches with the dogs. After a stern lecture of "how much stuff we have to get done around here", I put together the girls' Baby Einstein Exersaucer. I've also been informed, I've got many shelves, pictures, and curtains to be hung before the girls come home.

Speaking of which, the Nurse Practitioner says that targeting the next 2 weeks for the girls coming home is pretty reasonable, which we were excited to hear! So, mark your calendars, because it seems like the Sept. 12 day may be pretty accurate.

That's all for now!


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  1. Your babies are beautiful. Carol has sent plenty of photos through email. Happy times ahead for you both. Congratulations.

    From Helen & Steve. Leeton NSW Australia


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