Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lessons Learned Today

Today, Matt & Jeni learned a lot!

First off, this morning Jeni spoke to the nurse practitioner and learned some things about our girls. Apparently, Olivia and Sydney have thrush. Thrush is a common issue with babies and causes white sores on the inside of the mouth. This could be one of the reasons why the girls have not nursed or eaten from the bottle as well lately. They will receive meds for this and it should go away soon. Olivia will also possibly have her cannulas taken off to see how she tolerates room air. This will be huge for us as we do not want her needing oxygen at home!

Our next lesson of the day was our CPR lesson. Jeni and I attended an overview on how to perform CPR on an infant or toddler. We did this at the hospital in the NICU. For both Jeni and I it was more of a refresher as we have both been certified in CPR at one time in the past. My certification has been expired for 14 years, but I still remember most of it...

Papa Gale and Grandma Vicki came up and visited the girls today. It had been nearly 2 weeks since their last visit and they could clearly see how much the girls had grown and changed. During their visit, Gale & Vicki shared that they had run into Nana Sharon and Papa Rick at Cracker Barrel and had a impromptu "grandparents breakfast." We learned that during this get together Nana Sharon shared her plans on showing what a proud grandparent she is... During her upcoming class reunion, she plans on inviting all of the attendees to come see pictures of her grandbabies over the PA system... Isn't that cute? We love you Sharon.

After feeding the girls, we braved the endless rain and headed home. I got a haircut and then made it home in time for nice fall-like dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheese. The rest of the evening was spent watching college football, the season opener of the NFL, and the final evening of the Republican National Convention.

That leads to the last few lessons I've learned after watching the last 3 nights of the RNC and last week's DNC...
1. The Republicans have the cooler mascot. I mean, can you really get excited about a donkey? As ridiculous as those elephant hat are, I'd kinda like one. And you could never really wear a jackass hat. Well, I guess you could... it would have a Kansas Jayhawks logo on it... :)
2. Dance music should never, ever be played at either convention. The God-awful dancing shown tonight was just embarrasing. The RNC definitely needs to improve its diversity, if only to improve its music selection and rhythm...
3. A great way to loosen up any party would be to have a drinking game associated with a John McCain speech. Simply have everyone take a drink every time McCain says "My Friends" and you'd need to line up cabs to drive your guests home... I counted 11 "My Friends" in tonight's speech alone... and that was a scripted speech! You should hear him in his town hall formats...
4. The RNC had a better backdrop to its final night of speeches than the DNC. The White House columns were o.k., but any man would kill to have that 8 story flat panel LCD screen to watch football or play Madden on!
5. Watching the delegates react to speeches at these conventions reminds me of a combination of a cheesy Branson music show and a WWE wrestling event. There are lots of corny lines and jokes and pandering to the audience for laughs and boos. The speeches are designed to clearly identify the heroes and villians that the crowds again are supposed to cheer and boo... The problem is that for most people watching at home, the spectacle isn't entertaining enough to watch longer than 5 minutes without dismissing the ridiculousness and flipping the channel.
Sydney....cuddling with Mommy while she was eating.

Olivia....she cuddled with Daddy while she was eating, but Mommy slacked and didn't take any pics of that. :(

Well, that's all for today!
TGTIF! (Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday)!


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