Monday, August 16, 2010

Sydney & Olivia's 2nd Birthday Party!

How in the WORLD did my babies get to be 2 years old? I just cannot believe it, somedays it seems like just yesterday that I was finding out we were having a baby and then finding out it was twins. :( I completely get the "they grow up so fast" comment that everyone tells parents. It stinks. I told Matt the other day, I totally get now why people have more kids. WOnder what makes them really stop! :)

So, we decided that since this year the girls were going to be in AZ for their 2nd Birthday, that we would do the party BEFORE we left, especially since once we came home from AZ I went right back to work and that it was just too much to have their party and do all my work stuff. Fun times! :)

So, on Saturday, July 3rd we had the girls' 2nd Birthday...more of a low key party, we only invited family and some close friends...MUCH smaller than their First Birthday Party. Next year, we'll probably invite more of their friends as they will understand the whole playing with friends thing.

Due to the girls' continuing obsession with Yo Gabba Gabba, we decided to make that the 'theme' of their I ordered some balloons, plates, napkins, and cupcake rings and we were off. While I would have LOVED to have done a cutesy party with a ton more YGG stuff, it just wasn't in the cards. Maybe some day they'll have a super fancy party, but not this year! :)

They LOVED all their YGG was a super big hit...we're still eating off of the placemats that I bought them...thankfully I had them laminted! :) I ordered a Toodee shirt for Sydney since that is her favorite character and a Foofa shirt for Olivia since that is her favorite character...the shirts were also a HUGE hit!

Miss Sydney.....

Apparently eating ice is AWESOME...the cooler was a great hangout place for the kids during the party!

My little climbing monkey! Sydney LOVES to climb this!
Miss Olivia....and her 'laloons. YOu sure can make her happy with some $1 balloons from the dollar store! :)
Eating some ice as well!
Apparently she was a little concerned that Cameron was in the ice as well!

She LOVES to dress up...already! So cute in her construction hat.
Cake time...we were NOT happy that Mommy and Daddy pulled us from

We each got our own cupcake, the same color as our favorite Gabba character!


Miss Sydney.....

Our BFF..Miss Caroline...the girls were disappointed that Miss Stephanie didn't end up being able to make it! :(

The Davis Twins...Cameron and Collin....

Their older Brother....Brandon...the girls were VERY concerned that he was playing with their Buzz and Woody toys...they are still working with sharing! :)

Opening presents...the girls got TONS of loot! :)

ah....our favorite present of all...a wubby bug. I know, the girls really need to give up their pacifiers, but man do they love them...we'll have to do that later on in the year! :) Not to be out done..Sydney LOVES her bear that plays OH What a Beautiful Morning..VERY loudly...sadly the bear is 'broken' or turned off these makes us crazy!

Olivia and her wubby bug. SHe's currently obsessed with bugs, so when I found these they HAD to have them! :)
The Fatzinger's before they left the party! Such a great picture!

WHY is it that we NEVER take pictures before parties start???? As you can tell, family pictures for their 2nd Birthday party were not so successful. Why you ask, because the girls wanted to PLAY not take a picture. :(

Hope All is well,

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