Monday, December 27, 2010

The Magic of Christmas Eve....

Here in St. Louis, we were lucky enough to get a white Christmas. For those of you who read our blog and know me well, you know that I hate hate hate, loathe loathe loathe, WINTER...but cold weather and snow for the 3 weeks surrounding Christmas are okay with me. I personally, believe though, that after January 10th, it should be warm or spring like conditions. I know, but a girl can dream! ANyways, we woke up to very big, beautiful snow flakes and it was simply magestic. Made even better by the fact that I didn't have to work and Matt was off all day! YAY. The girls, super stoked about their super cool sleeping bags from Aunt Amy and Uncle Keith, wanted to watch TV...specifically the Wizard of Oz in the living room, while Daddy made breakfast and I made cookies. Fine with me!

Here the girls are watching the Wizard of's their new favorite movie....Sydney even knows the words to Somewhere Over the Rainbow..I caught her singing it so cute!

After breakfast, I contined to bake cookies, while the girls played. On one of my 'breaks' I tried to find my Ipod, but it was missing, SO we told the girls that if they helped us find it, we'd let them open a Christmas gift from under the tree....they like to borrow our things and hide them! Thankfully, the Ipod was located...I'd definately put it somewhere where they couldn't reach it, but not a normal location for me to place it in. I have to admit I was freaking out a little!

So, we kept with our promise and strategically picked this gift out....from my Dad and Stepmom....they were absolutely ADORABLE when they realized what they had gotten!

Inside the bags were big stuffed Mickey Mouse animals...and man were they so excited! THeir new favorite show on TV is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse...they adore it, know all the words to the theme song, and I in turn adore it as a great distractor when I need to do things like...oh cook dinner or get something done around the house. I had briefly mentioned to someone else to get them MIckey Mouse dolls, when my Stepmom called and said the girls HAD to have a Mickey....and who'd have guessed that he would turn into the IT toy for them...and he sure has...well, except for one or two other things. That said, Sydney has taken to carrying him around everywhere...and Olivia too. So cute!

 Here is Miss Olivia opening her Mickey Mouse...and yes, they do not match, which I think in this case is a GREAT idea! We are very into MY things lately, and this is going to help them keep their toys seperate.

 What do you have over there Sydney?????'s just dawning on her that their Mickey's are different looking.
I love Mickey Mouse....can we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse???
 Miss Sydney opening her Mickey Mouse......
 OH!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Mickey!

 I LOVE Mickey!
 ALREADY dancing around with her MIckey Mouse!

Smile for Grandma and Grand Dude... you know that they sent you these? Right???

There are grumblings about going to Disney Land for family vacation this summer....this could be super cool for the girls..and us!

HOpe you had a Magical Christmas Eve Day, where ever you are!

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