Thursday, December 30, 2010

MORE Christmas....

So, in our grand tradition of Christmas, we had MORE Christmas's to attend after we had our private Christmas at home....we traditionally go to Matt's mom's house for Brunch (which was as always super yummy) and presents, and then head to my mom's for dinner. Sometimes in there the girls nap at Neena's house and sometimes we go home and they nap...this year, they just slept in the car to the house, Matt ran in and out and then we were off to Grandma Pat's house for dinner with Uncle Mike and Aunt Zomi...

Here we are at Neena's house....

 Arriving at Grandma Pat's house....SANTA came, and he didn't wrap, because we LOVE to unwrap presents! Oh well, they are still super cool!

 My attempt at getting a cute pic of the two of them together...FAIL. oh well!

 Olivia is so so busy, this is literally one of the few pictures I have of her that is NOT blurred because she was so excited and running around like a maniac!
 Sydney hamming it up for the little diva!
Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hope you had a fabulous one!

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