Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

Today, I got one of those glorious phone calls at 4:57 am. that ALL teachers (and students) anxiously know, the call that school is cancelled! :) While I wasn't so keen on having a snow day this week, I do have to say it was mostly a nice day (except for the short naps). Now, the only rule for the rest of the school year is that out of our 6 days that we have, we can only use 2 more snow days, that way we get out the Thursday before Memorial Day! :) Ha...a girl can dream, can't she!?

Anyways, back to our day! Now that the girls are in toddler beds, it's become their habit to come and wake up Matt and I if we are still in bed, so at 6:30 (I know, super early), a little body snuggled up to me in bed...Miss Sydney and then about 20 minutes later her sister came to join us as well. Typically, one of us will get up and get the girls some milk and cereal to eat in our bed, while we slowly wake up! :) For breakfast, I fixed their typical cheesy eggs  and then made a special treat of cinnamon rolls and gave them a choice of their fruit. shockinly enough, the girls weren't so happy with their cinnamon rolls (probably because they are not as fabulous as those from the Bread Co...oh well, one of these days I'll make them some homemade cinnamon rolls, until then, its the ones out of a tube! :)

We played downstairs until the neighbor kids came over to see if the girls wanted to go 45 minutes later, the girls and I (quite grudgingly I might add....because I HATE HATE HATE cold weather and snow), we were all ready, while the one who LOVES the snow (Matt), headed off to work.  Here are some of the best pictures that I took from yesterday afternoon.....

The girls playing around...all our super cool neighbors came out to see them in the snow, it was so cute! WE all had a great time!

 Miss Sydney..not so fond of having to wear her hat AND her hood, but later on she was happy that she had both her hats on b/c "it's cold out here Mama!"

Hope all is well,

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