Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toddler Beds!

This post, is a little late in coming, but I thought I'd update you about the new adventure in our house...Toddler Beds. After the girls' climbed out of their beds on Christmas Morning and came out to the living room to check out their new toys, we decided that it would be in all of our best interests to move the girls to their toddler beds. This, was/is a bit depressing as we were hoping to keep them in their cribs for MUCH longer. So, we spent  Boxing Day, converting cribs to toddler beds and rearranging their room.

When the girls were first home, we placed their beds in a L shape, so that if one of us were alone and both girls needed to be soothed, we would have less space to travel. Made sense and was a great arrangement, however, it wasn't going to be the best for when they are in toddler beds. So, we moved their beds to the back wall of their room and put them end to end. The only problem with this is that NOW, we need to move their name letters that used to hang over their beds. (and of course by WE, I mean Matt, b/c well, we want them to look nice, right)? Oh well, we're not in too much of a hurry for that.

 Miss Sydney modeling her bed....the girls are still sleeping in sleep sacks, until they are nighttime potty trained. THEN, we'll look at maybe picking new sheets and redecorating their room.

 Miss Olivia....
Toddler Beds have been interesting. Not exactly fun for all of us. After a couple days, the girls (especially Olivia) discovered that they could climb out and we have spent a lot of time combatting this behavior. Sadly, it's made for one really, really tired Olivia. Sydney climbs out too, don't get me wrong, but nothing like Olivia. I miss the old days, I feel like all poor Matt and I do is yell at our daughters to "GET IN YOUR BED!" Poor girls and poor mommy and daddy. Then, we tried taking away the millions of toys (as you can see in their pictures) that they feel the need to sleep with. Kind of effective, but it makes them cry and breaks my heart. So, we've resorted to bribery. Yes, you read right, Bribery. If you stay in your bed, you get 3 M & M's (which we also use for potty training and they LOVE). Somes times it works and sometimes it doesn't. Last night, Sydney had to be rocked to sleep b/c she was just out of control..same thing with Olivia.....poor girls. Poor me. I miss my long 3+ hour naps and babies that slept until 8:30 when we didn't wake them up. Now, we're lucky if they sleep until 7-7:30, and Olivia's naps are now about 1.5 hours long, whereas Sydney will still sleep 3 hours (unless her sister wakes her up). Oh well, just another sign that my babies are growing up, which I am NOT ready for. Now, on to potty training, one is ready and the other could give a hoot. oy. Shoot me now!

Hope all is Well,

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