Saturday, May 7, 2011

A little Trip to the Farmers Market.... start off the weekend, and man was it fun! Today was the first day of the Farmer's Market in Tower Grove Park, and to kick it off, they had invited lots of crafty artists as well as the traditional farmer's market items to be sold. All around it was a great time. Sadly, however we missed some of the stuff because it sold out so fast...I guess next year, we'll know better to get their earlier. A LOT of people told us the best way to shop the Tower Grove Farmers Market is to get there around 8am...ummmm...okay, good to know! One thing that was really cool was that a lot of the people selling baked goods, were selling GLUTEN free stuff..yay for me! :) The girls sure enjoyed it as well!

Eating some gluten free cookies (the kind that don't hurt Mommy's tummy)....
Another even cooler fun fact about the farmers's RIGHT next to a super awesome playground, so the girls sure enjoyed that! Here they are playing around.....

Happy Saturday to all....we came home from the Farmer's Market and all took really long naps, awesome...even better, after feeding the girls dinner, we were off for ICE CREAM..yes, Matt and I had ice cream for was decadent....who needs dinner!???

Loving May already! 

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