Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring is coming.....

Finally! :) And as always with Spring, comes Grass cutting. I know I talk incessently about how much the girls love Mr. Bob and his family, but finally I have proof! On this lazy Saturday afternoon, here is Miss Sydney imitating her favorite person in the world (for now, no offense Mr. Bob, but she's fickle, however you've been at the top for quite sometime  now!).  This next series of pictures is my absolute adorable!

Sydney setting up top be like Mr. Bob......notice he is noticing her doing this...

 Mr. Bob looking all serious as he starts his mower...Sydney's already started cutting the grass on her side of the fence!
 And....imitating in it's best form....notice the dogs on BOTH sides of the fence harassing their owners who are 'cutting' the grass....I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture....the dogs make it, seriously! Hilarious!
 After playing around for a bit, Daddy decided to bust out the bubble guns that the Easter Bunny so nicely brought the girls....super cool toy, I must say! Everyone loves bubbles, even Sugar!
 MORE Mr. Bob harassment....Cooper likes to eat the bubbles like Sugar as well!

 Wanna drive your dog nuts? Get a bubble gun....poor Sugar...

Hope you enjoyed our first official taste of Spring....not very sunny, but at least there was no rain for a couple days! :)

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