Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Someone Once told me...

That all good things must come to an end. And sadly, our long weekend with Grandma and GrandDude has come to an end. Boo. Makes me so sad. I wish we got to see them more. :(

Here are some pictures of the girls before Grandma and GrandDude left STL...well, for the airport, b/c my Dad insists on being there 2 hours before hand (boy could I tell you some stories of our escapades to be at the airport INSANELY early, but I'll spare you...however there was the one time that we didn't get something to eat on the way to the airport b/c we didn't have time (b/c there would be food at the airport for sure) and all 9 of us (we had 2 additional people with us)....we starving b/c there wasn't food and our plane was seriously delayed...fun times!

The girls wanted to be fairy princesses for Grandma and GrandDude, so we wore our ballerina dresses (god bless the clearance rack at Old Navy)!
 Going Downstairs to visit one last time.....
 Playing around in the guest room!
 Enjoying our toys that hide out in the basement....we don't visit them very often apparently!

on the way to the airport, my stepmom called me to share how horrible the devestation was from the Good Friday Tornados we had here. Makes me so sad that so many people's lives were changed in an instance. THANKFULLY no one was seriously injured. Of course, this was just fuel for the fire under their pants to try and convince us to move to AZ. Oh, how I wish. Hopefully, in the next couple years, we'll be able to spend more time there (You know, when we're rich b/c we're not paying one whole pay check of mine into daycare (not that it's NOT worth it, b/c it is). But after the girls are in Elementary School, we'll be able to sock more away and working on getting out to see the Grandparents WAY more frequently, AND we'll have the added bonus of GrandDude being retired! YAY!

Looking very forward to our summer vacation at Grandma and GrandDude's house....already!


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