Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Easter Bunny

He Came He came, and of course he spoiled! Apparently, he's ALMOST as cool as Santa, but he brings CANDY, which we rarely get and it's so so yummy. Hopefully Mommy and Daddy will share all our candy!

Checking out the goodies left by the Easter Bunny on the hearth. FAIRY wings and bubble guns are a big hit, THEN there's all the candy....

it took a little while of playing with our toys before we realized that we may be able to sneak in some candy!
After checking out our Easter Baskets, we had an Easter Egg hunt, that was super super cool, especially since the Easter Bunny filled the eggs with  jelly beans, peanut butter eggs, WORMS, and mint candies.

Sydney...filling her basket with Eggs she found hidden around the house by the Easter Bunny, he sure did make a lot of eggs!

Miss Olivia, giggling it up!

After the Egg hunt, we cuddled up with GrandDude on the couch...probably because we knew that he wouldn't steal our candy! :) Too bad his eyes are closed in this picture, oh well, at least it's cute!

After Breakfast, Daddy and GrandDude dyed eggs with us...it was awesome...Mommy and Grandma made food for dinner tonight.

Sydney modeling Grandma Carol's turtle necklace that she always manages to finagle from her, the funny thing being, that OLIVIA likes turtles more than Sydney does...guess she's out for the bling!
Looking forward to the rest of Easter....you  know, after naptime!

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