Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How Can it BE.....

That WE are 3? Where did time go? Where did my babies go? Insert sad face here. My little girls are growing up, it's so sad. I remember when the girls were first home from the NICU and Matt was home with me for 2 weeks, one day we were out driving to get something to eat and a quick run in to Babies R Us to get something, and I commented to Matt that I couldn't wait until they were older, envisioning all the fun times we were going to have. He on the other hand said, slow down, let's enjoy them as babies. Shortly after that Darius Rucker's It Won't be Like this for Long  came out, and I totally thought back to that conversation. In fact, every time I hear that song, I think back to that conversation and all the long nights of no sleep, and now that those are so far behind, I actually, really, really miss them. I totally get how our parents "miss their babies"...I miss my babies already, and they are ONLY 3. Seems like so little to some, but to me it's so big. The girls are always telling me that they are BIG girls now, and I say, "No, you are MY babies, Mommy's Babies...won't you cuddle/rocky-rocky with me/Snuggle (or any other sort of thing)"...and they typically do, but I know that those days are limited. Poor Mommy. I live for Saturday morning/Sunday morning cuddles (or right now, just summertime cuddles), and, I know from watching my cousin with her 10 and 5 year old that those days are limited for me....but for now, I'm going to milk them for ALL their worth. :)

Anyways, shockingly enough, the girls turned 3 on Sunday, July 10th and we had a Great Great Day! We had the girls pick what they wanted to do...first on the menu, eating out for breakfast and Dinosaur Pancakes (we are super big dinosaur fans these days, and they love this restaurant by our house that makes pancakes in the shape of a triceratops), then we went to the Museum...you know, the one we went to over Easter..the City Museum. They ADORE that place, I'm thinkin' we may be getting a membership soon! :) Then we came home for Naptime and a late lunch and had ice cream for dinner! :) Just what every THREE year old needs!  Here are our bazillion pictures from that day! :)

Here we are at the SunnyDay Cafe...eating Breakfast!

 The rooftop at the City Museum....Daddy and his girls....it was nasty hot that day, especially on the roof!

 looking out off of the roof
 The Praying Mantis ontop of the museum is next to a HUGE slide, that thankfully the girls didn't want to go down b/c they would have had to go by theirselves and they wanted to go with Mommy and Daddy...they would have been terrified....however I'm SURE next year they'll be all about it! :)
 I have several fears, and while I'm pretty fearless about riding rides, I DO NOT ride the ferris wheel. It scares me, I just hate it. SO, Daddy took the girls by himself, with a stern warning from MOmmy that if they all died I was going to be really pissed......the girls liked it! :)

 Playing on the big school bus...this May I went on a field trip with some students and the girls came to see me off, since I was gone for several days. To get to New Orleans, we rode a bus, and as a result of that, my girls are not obsessed with school buses (NOT the kind of bus we rode, but hey, whatever)....and how Mommy works with big kids who ride buses to school...super cute!!
 Olivia...my little bus driver!
 OF COURSE Sydney has to have her turn!

 And just like last time, we HAD to get our face painted! Sydney got a rainbow, mainly I think because the girl in front of her did, but hey, whatever, it was cute!

 Olivia on the other hand requested a mermaid. I wondered if the artist was up to the challenge....
 ....she sure was....here is Miss O's mermaid!
 The ever popular Zebra...
 Olivia just loves that ball pit (as Mommy shudders b/c of all the germs...I call it the germ pit)!
 Sydney and Mommy!
 Yeah, now the other one can get nasty old germs from the germ pit (as I remind myself they are having fun, it's their birthday, and I'm off for the summer so no sick days will be required if they get ill from the germ pit).
Mom! Take my picture...I in jail! lol!

 Olivia....."hey Mommy...I just slided out of a worm!"
 Attempting to get the girls to go see the "SCARY GUY" who stands by the stairs to the slide.......NOTHING could convince them that he wasn't scary....
 and, here I introduce you to the SCARY GUY...also known to the museum as Scuba Steve!
Olivia has a tendancy to get over 'Scary' things faster...here she is at the TOP of the slide smiling for the camera...

Checking out the whale's tummy (and the tunnel through the whale)..Olivia declared it too dark to go into....

super big building blocks are COOL!

have to tell you, the sponge pit was closed last time we were here...it scares me WAY more than the ball pit of germs. Just nastiness. Wonder if they EVER clean this stuff....

 ah...the infamous train at the City Museum....Sydney rode it 4 times...
 and yes the midget conductor was there...wonder if the poor guy ever gets a day off..
 Olivia watching Sydney ride the train, she tells me "Mommy, I want to ride the train"...after a long conversation where I reminded her that she didn't like the train last time, she convinces me to put her on the train....
 well, at least it made for a good picture....b/c it didn't last long. She just doesn't like the darkness...she's not my adventurer...now Sydney, SHE'S a different story...
 Playing in the building blocks one last time as Mommy picks up our art work from earlier (that's still not dry)!...we ALMOST forgot this time, but we came back for it!

 Guess we wore out Olivia....Sydney never fell asleep on the ride home, but little Jeni (as Matt calls Olivia), did right away, as per usual. She is so my child. Once she stops moving she is asleep! :)
 AFTER Naptime, it was time to bust out their toys from their birthday party...biggest hit of the afternoon (Next to the new food toys and lunch boxes from Aunt Amy and Uncle Keith), was their princess dresses from Gi-Gi...love love love. Super cute! They had so much fun!

 Attempting another hug....
 Olivia or Miss Fairy Godmother Olivia as she wanted to be called...
 ha ha..wonder if he'll EVER see this! :)
 WELL, since Sugar wouldn't move, Olivia decided to use her as a pillow....the things we learn every day! :)

It was a fun, exhausting day....but do they REALLY have to be 3???

Hope all is well,

PS...no one got sick from the pit of germs or sponge pit! YAY! Go immune systems go! :)

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