Friday, August 29, 2008

A little too big....

I have to admit that one of the most fun parts of having twins is the ability to dress them alike. It's fun. However, one of the slight frustrations (recently) that I have had at Children's is that as the girls get bigger, they are constantly split up and each have a different night nurse. WHich means that oftentimes one of their outfits are changed and the other's isn't. Of course it doesn't bother me to change them, but it weirds me out that they are dressed differently. That said, I had to change Sydney's outfit when I got down to Children's today. Poor baby, she'd been in her outfit for over 24 hours (icky to me, even though baby's don't sweat, I just find that gross). So, Olivia's nurse had changed her into an adorable NB sleeper that I had purchased in honor of the girls moving out of their isolette's into outside cribs. The only issue with this is that it's a LITTLE bit, okay a lot bit, big for Miss Sydney. But, in honor of keeping them alike I had to change her into it. So, her outfit in pictures today is too big! :) What can I say?

Today was a momentous day for Sydney, she AGAIN, moved to an outside crib. At 4lbs, 8oz, she'd better be able to keep her tempurature MUCH better this time and not be moved back! Miss Olivia is weighing in at 5lbs, 4oz, so her sister is attempting to make a move and gain some on her so that they can attempt to be the same size. Other than their weights, and a new isolette, we really have no new news to report, we're just waiting for their lightbulbs to turn on in terms of eating, so that we can move forward with plans to bring them home.

I must admit that I am looking forward to our long weekend, hopefully we make a lot of progress on this monsterous list that I have on the kitchen counter of things that need to be done for the babies. Of course, that will require a lot of work from Matt and it's Fantasy Football Draft/Poker weekend, which means he's super busy, not to mention Mizzou plays on Sat evening. Fun times. I will be painting the girl's wall letters this weekend (all of them except Olivia's A which is back ordered for 2 weeks), fun.

Okay, well, I'm TIRED TIRED TIRED from my running last evening and need to get back to sleep, so here are today's pictures....notice the random shot of Olivia with NOTHING on her face...YAY! That's a rare treat for me! :) (sorry that it's a little dark...she HATES the light when she's eating which is when I took this picture of her).



Have a good one...

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