Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Pretty Great Duo....

...is what Matt and I make (as if I didn't already know this). Yesterday was one of those tag team days, as we had Boxer and Baby Issues. So, we ended up having to split the difference. I'm quickly realizing how difficult it is going to be that one of us cannot transport BOTH the babies and the Boxer's at one time. :( UGH, I so don't want car payments for a while after we pay off both of these cars, but we may have to end up with one. I can't see Matt's boss continuing to be so awesome and allowing him to always take off to do vet duties. Baby duties YES, but vet duties no.

So, our Baby issue is that Mommy needed to be at the hospital to nurse the babies and do some kangaroo care. Olivia had another eye test yesterday and was SUPER upset (again) and Sydney was being fussy as well, and Daddy needed to get some bottle time in with the girls. For right now, I haven't bottle fed the girls because we want them to associate nursing with Mommy and bottles with Daddy. The Boxer issue, was well, who else? Cassius. He has an eye infection, so he needed to go to the Vet for some meds. :( NO fun, and again, expensive and the $$$ are going quick let me tell you. But, we still love our first babies. Sugar, well, she went along for the ride.

In Baby news....Sydney continues to be a champ at the bottle, eating at least 2 full bottles a day and she'll practice nursing for me (not yesterday) but most days. Yesterday was a return of Miss Fussy Pants for her. WHY? Not sure, since all she had yesterday was her weekly hemoglobin test. I suspect she hates needles and is sick of getting stuck in the foot and being bled dry by the Vampires at Children's. Also in Sydney-news is that she had her isolette turned off AGAIN, so they are going to try and place her in an outside crib AGAIN today. YAY! Hopefully she's big enough to maintain her body temp now.

Olivia had a BIG day. She's been Miss Farts-A-Lot for about 4 days now, SO her nurse yesterday raised some concerns because not only was she gassy but she's gained a lot of weight fast and had a projectile spit up. WELL, one x-ray later and a CBC, they determined that while she's medically fine, she is FULL of gas, so much that it's pushing up her lungs. It's freaky to look at on the x-ray. So, they are taking her off of the fortifier as well, thinking that her reaction to this is now gas. Sydney's reaction was bloody poop and Olivia's is gas. We also discussed the potential for pyloric stenosis, a condition where the pyloric valve in the stomach doesn't open or close correctly. It has a potential for developing this late in their lives and this defect runs in Matt's family. They were happy that I brought it up that it runs in the family and will monitor it, but are not overly concerned, mainly because this was her first incident with projectile spitting. It's important to note that ALL preemie babies have reflux (and her problems are also a symptom of reflux, but mainly because their feeding tube keeps their stomach OPEN). So hopefully when we kick that feeding tube to the curb this will go away as well. Olivia also had her eye exam yesterday. She passed and does not need to be seen again for 6 months! YAY! That makes me very, very happy. So, needless to say, yesterday was a rough day for her and she wasn't a great nurser or bottle feeder, but she was a champ at Kangaroo care. She loves cuddling with her mommy. I recieved PLENTY of those tired, little, great big sighs that she gives when she's tuckered out and wants her mommy.

Cassius and Sugar continue to 'recover' from their weekend at Nana Sharon and Papa Rick's (or Grandpa Rick as the Boxers know him). They've been sleeping a lot (pretty typical after a visit). We got our carpets cleaned over the weekend... (remember that list?) Yep, still working on it, in fact it's now longer and only a few parts have been crossed off of it. :(


I told you to LEAVE ME ALONE (in baby speak that's what their hands in front of their faces means).

Only her paci (and some kangaroo care could calm her down yesterday).

You'd be crabby too if you had as much gas in you as I do. :(

After some kangaroo care with Mommy...I feel MUCH better and even slept some.

Well, I'm off to work on my list of a thousand things to do at the house..and maybe a short nap. Hope All is well!


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