Monday, August 4, 2008

NONE, Nada, far.....

So, there is STILL no sign of infection in Little Miss Sydney. Her cultures are not showing any growth and her white blood cell count went down again today. Her new x-rays show no sign of NEC. Originally we were told she'd be TPN for 48-72 hours, but now it sounds like she may not be able to eat for 7 have got to be kidding me. That's a LONG time. :( This is still not an official plan, but it sounds like her Dr. wants her to go on a 7 day bowel rest. Poor Baby. You can tell she's hungry when I hold her...she roots at me for food. :( Well, maybe she'll figure out breast feeding when the whole thing is said and done. So, Sydney will continue her antibiotics through tomorrow and her IV fluids...tomorrow the Dr will also make the decision as to whetehr or not she will have a camera rectal exam. Oh sadly her IV that was in her arm was bothering her so they tried another arm and both feet, ultimately her IV ended up in her HEAD. Poor baby, she looks ridiculous. So, now she's starving, fussy (b/c she's starving), and looks ridiculous, but at least she is not sick. KNOW WHAT I MEAN?

Miss Olivia is off her 2 liters of high humidity and is now on 28% of Oxygen. Room air is 21%, so it will be a little while before she gets her nose cannulas out, but she's working her way there. Apparently the fact that she's getting bigger and gaining weight will help her master breathing! YAY. You go girl.

No eye test today...the Dr's decided that they want the girls to be another week older before they do that, SOOOOOOOOO they had their eyes dialated for no reason. :(

Both girls are gaining weight....Olivia weighs in at 3lbs 5 1/2 ounces, and Sydney weighs in at 2lbs 15 1/2 ounces (go figure that weight gain since she's not eating). My biggest concern with Sydney not eating is that she's going to lose weight and continue to be soooooooooo much smaller than her sister. :( She needs to gain some SERIOUS weight and fast. We talk to the Nurse Practictioner about 'the plan' for breastfeeding and bottle feeding with the girls. You see the suck reflex developes between 34-36 weeks, SO we should see them start eating by breastfeeding or bottle feeding. She explained that for awhile the girls will continue to be fed by their feeding tube, even when they are successfully breastfeeding and or bottle feeding, so as to not stress them out. Since I want to Breastfeed with them, we will make sure they are doing that successfully before we move on to bottle feeding because they do not want to create confusion issues...yay. So, guess what we're continuing to work on? Olivia did a GREAT job today at practicing, but she tuckered out pretty quickly, which is why I completely understand that that leave in the babies feeding tubes.
So, I think the girls were all tuckered out from their weekend as all they basically did today was sleep, which is good because that helps them grow!
Sydney with her IV in her head....
Olivia with her paci...

I went to a touch bonding class today to help the babies be able to handle touch and to help Matt and I bond with them. I also learned Infant was cool. I can tell you, all of you NIUC visitors that after today's class some rules are going to change...for instance NO longer will we be talking at full levels in the room while the babies are sleeping AND we will not be opening their isolettes ALL the time. One of the things I learned was that you cause MORE distress in the babies when you disrupt them at certain points in their sleep cycle, which is B.A.D. So, I guess I'll make a poster and post it so that we know WHEN you can open isolette doors.

Today was the first day of teacher's was weird to not be at work and to talk to my friend Stephanie about what happened at a way I missed it, strange, huh? Matt survived his early morning meeting! Tomorrow night we have another baby shower at Matt's old boss's will be good to see the Macy's people again....I know Matt misses them, as do I, they were like a family!

Hope all is well!

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