Saturday, August 9, 2008

NO more Cadillac Isolettes for Us!

Today, when I arrived at the NIUC (minus Daddy b/c he had a headache after dinner out for Uncle Keith's Birthday), the girls surprised me by having "New" isolettes. Basically what's happened is that they have been moved to a 'step-down isolette'.

You see the isolettes they'd had before were the Cadillac models and now they only need the Lexus because they are soon to be in open air cribs. That said, it's cool to see their progress being noted, but I HATE HATE HATE the 'new' isolettes. They suck. Almost as bad as the nurse we had today. In fact, I need to find out today HOW I can make sure we don't have her tomorrow. My biggest complaint is that I feel she wasn't safe enough with the girls. She walked away from their isolettes SEVERAL times (even AFTER I asked her not to do this) with the door open. My God, the girls could easily fall out. NOT good. Also she freaked out about getting me shields for the door next to us for nursing. Okay lady, listen. I know you all (the nurses) are used to seeing women nurse. But hey, I'm not so hot on the WHOLE NICU (okay, just our neighbors, Dr's whom I don't know and people who randomly walk past our door) seeing me nurse, and I'm DEFINATELY not talented enough to cover myself and the babies entirely. Maybe in a couple weeks I'll be that talented. Not to mention she didn't make sure the girls actually ATE all of their food (I, of course was pumping when this happened, so I missed it too).

Sydney is back on her full feeds. She had an episode of spitting up today, which made Mommy not so happy. Olivia, well, she's doing great. I see her potentially in an open air isolette by next weekend. Hurry up Sydney, your sister's going to beat you! :P

Today was a tiring day. I am exhausted because...we went out to dinner for Keith's birthday last night. Great time, I so love Barcelona. SOOOOOOOOOOO, I missed out on my extra 4 hours of sleep that I normally get napping on the couch at night in between pumping sessions. So, I'm off to nap. I'll post the adorable pictures I took yesterday and today, later on this evening!

Matt's out at Kent's bachelor party, so I'm sure he'll be exhausted tomorrow too. Hopefully his headache from today is MUCH better by then! :)

These cards were waiting for me on Friday when I arrived at the NICU. Inside there are stamps of the girls feet...well, Olivia has feet stamps and Sydney has a foot stamp because of her IV in one of her feet. :( Apparently they do things like this all the time...I love it, such a cute idea!

Sydney on Friday...

Olivia on Friday...

Our new isolettes...

Our night nurse (on Friday night) has identical twin daughters whom she dresses alike. It GREATLY disturbs her that the girls don't have MANY matching outfits, SO she found one they have that matches and dressed them in it for the day... purple's a great color for them! :) Our night nurses pick out the girls outfits and dress them around 6am every day.

Olivia.... this is her favorite face to make at Mommy!


Hope all is well!


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  1. Yay for the dowgngrade to the Lexus model. Cool people have a Lexus:-) So glad all is going well!!


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