Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our 1st Package...in the Mail that is.....

came today! It was from our Grandparents out West....they sent us some more cute preemie clothes. It's official, they now have MORE clothes that 'fit' them than I do. :) ALL the nurses at the NICU comment on how cute our kid's clothes are....it's so cute! Of course they also comment on how adorable our daughters are as well.

In baby news.....no camera up the bum for Miss Sydney, BUT she is on bowel rest until Sunday, which means NO FOOD for her until then. :( Poor girl. It's so sad because even though they give her electrolytes, you can tell she's unhappy as she cries frequently. :( So I spend a lot of my time soothing her and giving her her paci. Our favorite nurse (Lori) predicts that Sydney will be a champion nurser by the time that she's allowed to eat again!

Olivia and I worked on eating again today. She basically knows WHAT she wants to do, but get's distracted very easily and pulls off quite frequently, or spends her time licking and tasting. She did a GREAT job and it's so cute when she actually gets something because she has such a surprised look on her face.

So, how is this all going to work? For the next couple weeks, she and I (and Sydney and I when she's able to eat again) will need to be together for at least 2 feedings in a row. For her first feeding she will receive 1/2 of her regular feeds and we will spend about a 1/2 hour practicing or actually breastfeeding. For her second feed, I'll breastfeed her first and then she'll get her entire feed. Eventually she won't get that 1/2 feed because she'll be MUCH better at breastfeeding.

So, visiting us at the NICU is going to have to be VERY strategically planned, as I love everyone in our families, but I'm not really that comfortable with you all watching me breastfeed...know what I mean?

Weights...it's official, we now have 2 babies that weigh 3 pounds! YAY! We are so proud of Sydney that she's attempting to catch up with her sister! :) Sydney weighed in at 3 pounds and Olivia weighed in at 3lbs 5ounces (she actually lost a little bit of weight, just 1/2 an ounce).

Well, we are off to our Macy's get together/baby shower...
Hope all is well,

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