Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Great Debate

So since their birth, the constant debate between Jeni and I has been who the twins look like. To the casual observer, one may not be able to actually tell the apart yet. As their parents though, we can definitely see some distinct differences between them. Besides their size difference (Olivia is noticeably larger) they had differences in their facial features. In my opinion, Olivia looks alot like Jeni. Specifically, I think Olivia has Jeni's eyes. Not the color (since their eye color will still change probably) but the shape of her eyes. As for Sydney, Jeni and I both believe that she looks more like me. Jeni also thinks both girls have my mouth. And if you all know Jeni, that's probably a good thing since she's known to curse like a sailor on occassion... Just kidding Jeni. :)

So, with this debate, I decided to go back and look at some baby pictures of the two of us and see if I could find some that solidified our opinions... Here's some I found.

You may agree... Or not.

- Olivia taken on 8-7-08

- Jeni and her grandpa, circa 1977.

- Sydney taken 8-10-08

- Matt taken circa 1975.

In news regarding the girls, no real changes. They both lost a few grams after being switched to their new isolettes, which is to be expected. These force them to regulate their own temps more, which can actually burn additional calories, thus causing them to actually lose some weight.

Olivia is still on 1/2 liter of humidity and on 23% oxygen. We hope to get her off of both of these in the next week. Sydney has been back on mom's milk for 2 days now and things seem to be good. Hopefully this continues.

Jeni went down to see the girls this morning to arrive in time for their 11 & 12 o'clock feedings so she could get in some more practice time with them. I had some yard work to take care of so I had Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Rick swing by and get me on their way to the hospital. After arriving we hung out with the girls for about an hour. Sharon and Rick left around 2:00 so Jeni could practice again with the girls. Follow those practice sessions we left as well.

Since our schedules have been so whacked with trips back and forth to the hospital, we haven't been doing our usual homemade dinners at home. Its been a lot of frozen pizzas and fast food for us. Luckily some folks have been generous enough to make us some meals! Tonight, we stopped by and Grandma Pat had 3 meals made for us. We'll be dining in style this week! This is in addition to the stuffed peppers that Grandma Sharon made for us and dropped off late last week.

Tonight we did get home in time for me to grill. So I made some pork steaks and grilled the veggies that Grandpa Gale gave us. It was a nice evening at home hanging with the boxers and watching the Olympics. Go USA! :)

Anyway, until tomorrow, here are some more pictures of the girls from today...

Sydney Ann

And Olivia Kay

Have a great day!


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