Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't Ask, Don't Tell.... the policy in the NICU in terms of WHEN will babies come home... Well, I asked yesterday what they (the Dr and Nurse Practictioner Michelle think)...and their answer...well, probably close to 3 weeks is what they, not only am I SUPER excited, but I am now frantically thinking of ALL the things we need to do between now and then!

1- ORGANIZE the closet in the nursery.
2-Organize our house, which includes our basement and our storage room (things I wanted to do before I was put on bedrest, as well as other things I've thought up recently).
3-Get our Carpets cleaned.
4-Get new tires for Matt's car.
5-FINISH shopping off our registry for things we 'NEED' that we haven't bought (ie monitors, etc).
6-Make sure we have the supplies we need (staples for food, dog food, baby stuff like diapers).
7-Finish returns from baby stuff that the hospital tells us we cannot use with the babies (ie. sleep positioners (great in the NICU b/c they are monitored 24/7, but not at home...NOTHING in the crib).
8-Mom and Dad time (looks like we'll be seeing a movie this weekend b/c soon that won't be so easy to arrange).
9-Finish arguing with my insurence about how I had 2 babies NOT 1. So, they'll pay the rest of my bills, apparently this is a difficult concept for them. My friend Laurie warned me that this may become an issue, it was with her triplets, easily fixed, but they are SLOW on the uptake.
10-Take Cassius back to MU for a check up/follow up appointment.
11-Start the girls photo album (after I organize their pictures that I've had developed) and work on their baby books.
12-Pack up my maternity clothes for the next friend who get's pregnant to peruse and take what's needed!
13-Figure out what I have that fits and start wearing those!
14...I'm sure there's TONS more I'm forgetting. :)

In terms of the babies coming home... do please be aware that this can/could change at any could be longer, it could be shorter, but please don't be disappointed either way. We don't want the girls home until EVERYTHING is figured out and solved at the NICU, as they know what's best for them!

Nothing too exciting going on with the girls... slowly but surely gaining weight and LOTS of sleeping, but they are moving towards that more wakeful period which will become more common the closer they get towards being full term. Personalities are changing (My Olivia is a SCHEDULE girl! Do not mess that up or there is HECK to pay with that one, I tell you).

Yesterday (the day this post should have been written), I went to a breastfeeding class. I'll be doing that EVERY Wednesday until they are out, so that I know all I need to know! :) They're more than likely BOTH going to have open air cribs next week AND start bottle feeding. Practing is going pretty well with both girls, so I'm super busy when I am at the NICU. :) Daddy got to hold both girls yesterday AND they were able to FINALLY meet another one of Mommy and Daddy's friend's who will SOON be one of our favorite Aunts! Aunt Nancy came for a visit! :) For those who don't know, Nancy is my best friend and has been since 8th grade...scary long time. Boy, have been been through a lot together! :) Aunt Nancy worked down by the NICU today, so it was a little easier for her to arrange to come down. She had to pass off baby duty to Uncle Drew so that our Best Friend Baby Stephanie could get home (she's the reason it's been so hard to get Aunt Nancy down to see us)! It really sucks that small children can't come into the NICU. I know it's really hard on families that have little ones too. But, rules are rules for a reason and I know it's best that they don't get any little kid germs for QUITE some time. Which is why they will come home on restrictions that include no quality time with small children and non-immediate family members. So our seclusion as well will continue. :(

Aunt Nancy loved the girls and they are super excited about their froggie blankets that she made them AND their butterfly baskets for their nursery as well. I need to get some talent, I tell you. I think I'm going to have to get a sewing machine so that I can make cool stuff for my friends too! :)

Just chillin' before time with Daddy while Aunt Nancy was visiting....



In other news... I'm finally outgrowing MOST of my maternity pants. You know you have issues when you stand up and your pants fall down. SO, guess I'll be exploring other clothing options when the last of these pants are too big. I still haven't worked out/walked yet. I'm so beat when I get home from the NICU that I'm lucky to have a conversation with Matt before I fall asleep (which is why the blog didn't get written for yesterday until today). Oh well. Slowly but surely in the next 3 weeks everything will be finished on our list....YAY!

In updated news...we have our insurance woes figured out. The representative for Hazelwood just called me back and told me that we are OFFICIAL... We now have 2 babies on my insurance for the first month and that Olivia's claims will start getting paid... Thank God b/c 2 of those claims (among the others) are for 107k and 97k. HOLY you know what! We'll give a final total on one of our blogs in the near future! :)

Hope All is well!


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  1. As far as organizing everything goes, if you have time (ha!) check out The Container Store. They have a website and are located on Brentwood near Whole Foods. We found them super useful when we organized Harper's nursery.


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