Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No More Lazy Breather!

As I arrived today at the NICU after work, Jeni announced to me that Olivia had a surprise for me. I was hoping it was another milestone... which it was. I checked her out in her isolette and Olivia was cannula-free. She was breathing well enough on her own that the nurse practitioner on duty decided to remove the oxygen. I was hoping that this would happen and had a feeling it would be soon since when I called last night the nurse had turned Olivia's oxygen off completely. It's nice to finally see her little face without the tubes in her nose!

Jeni had a busy day which included a follow-up trip to her doctor. This was her last visit to her specialist and she has now been released from their care. The visit went well with Jeni being released to start some light workouts including walking and lifting. I know she's very happy about this. She'd been looking forward to being allowed to do more as she has been obsessing with getting off her "baby weight". Jeni luckily remembered to take baby pictures in. On her last visit the nurse practitioner told her that she shouldn't bother coming back if she didn't bring pictures!

Following our time at the NICU, we headed home for dinner. We had a nice Thanksgiving-type dinner with food that Jeni's mom provided. We had turkey in the crock pot, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. Yummy! You would have thought Jeni hadn't eaten in a week the way she acted during dinner!

We finished the evening by watching more of the Olympics. Michael Phelps continues to dominate in every event he's in and rack up gold medals & world records... Amazing!

Well, back to watching the ladies team gymnastics finals...

Oh, and here are some pics of 2 future Olympic gymnasts...

Here are the first pictures of Olivia without her nose cannula

And Sydney hamming it up...

I call this one Sydney's Paparazzi pose.

Continuing with their Diva lifestyle, the girls have multiple wardrobe change throughout the day (thanks to their mother and the nurses who love to dress them). These pictures are the girls modeling new hats sent to them from Grandma Carol and Grand-Dude Jim. (Yes, Grand-Dude).

And finally, you may have noticed the new color scheme on the blog. Well, simply, I got bored with the old 'dots' layout and wanted something new with more color. Hope you enjoy!

Take care.


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