Thursday, September 11, 2008

2 Months Old!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as exciting as that is to Mom and Dad, WE (Sydney and Olivia) were not so excited. You see we got our shots. And it SUCKED.

For Mommy and Us. We all cried.
What Mommy DEFINATELY need a second person to be there when they have or have had their shots so that 2 people can rock babies. Not normally a problem but Daddy was in Columbia for work and with Mr. Clay for his follow up appointment at MU (ouch expensive but GREAT news). So, Mommy SHOULD have called Nana Sharon and asked her to come rock babies, but she didn't think about it. :( Bad Mommy. She knows better for our 4 month shots.

Seriously, Shots were the worst. Sydney fusses pretty regularly, so I was prepared for her reaction, but I was NOT prepared at all for the noise/cry of sheer pain/terror that came out of Olivia. It broke my heart. Both actually calmed down pretty fast, thank god for the 24 hours of Tylenol that they get after that. However, I learned from our night nurse that SYdney cried for 2 hours straight from 9-11. Poor baby. I should have stayed even longer last night. BUT I was sucked into how quiet and calm they were 2 hours after their shots, so I headed home.

In other news...Cassius went for his follow up appointment after his radiation treatments this July. THey showed Matt the before and after CAT scans of his macroadenoma and he said it was amazing to see how very small the tumor is now to what it was. It's now a 1/4 of the size it was before and WE can tell a difference. He wrestles with Sugar like you have never seen them. It's cool, loud, but cool! Sadly he has a cyst on the back of his neck he'll need removed because they said it could burst and that it would be NASTY if it did so. HOw much that will cost, god only knows, but we'll have to decide when to have it done once we hear the results of my letter to Hazelwood. The better the news the sooner it will be removed.

I did get a report that the girls are doing MUCH better or did much better last night with their bottles, so hopefully things are looking up. :) are the pics of the girls from their 2 month birthday!


Doing the "I HATE MY BENDY BUMPER SCOOT" in her crib before her shots, she has not a clue of what is to come.
Before her shots.....

Sacked out in Mommy's arms after her shots.....

After her bottle...after her shots, she ate NOTHING...for once a good thing they have tubes to be fed with as they used all their energy to SCREAM at their shots and nothing was left to use to eat..wish I had that talent!

Sydney before her shots....
After her shots....

Sacked out in her Mommy's arms after her shots...

The calm before the storm apparently.....

Enjoy...sorry for the tardiness of the blog, we have been having internet issues for the past couple days...I'm off to see Kenny Chesney tonight in the rain I am sure, so Matt will be writing!

Hope all is well!

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  1. Guys hang in there. It will be fine. Great pics of the girls.
    We love you.
    Grand Dude/Grandma Carol

    PS How funny Grandma Carol HA HA.


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