Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Day of Firsts....

Today was an interesting day to say the least.

Some of the firsts for today include:

1- Daddy held BOTH girls for the first time...see below (note that is Sydney who is sleeping and Olivia who is smiling (yes I know it's just gas)).

2- I discovered and experienced that Motherhood is not always glamerous (you know besides all the morning sickness, hormones, gaining weight, being in the hospital numerous times, giving birth, and attempting to lose baby weight)...add to that being PROJECTILE VOMITED on. Yes, it was gross. But hey...Olivia felt better afterwards and I was completely soaked (my sweatshirt, t-shirt,undergarments), you name it, she got it. Poor baby, hey wait...poor me, it was COLD in there today!

3- The girls started pepcid for their reflux/gas issues. Hopefully this helps and they will eat better.

4-the word going home potentially next week was mentioned, no date of course, but it was mentioned.

5-NG tubes will be pulled on Monday, but maybe this weekend if the continue to eat well.

6-We nursed for the first time since we've all had thrush...Sydney was a champ (which would explain why she was so tired for her next feed, she nursed, ate 1/2 her bottle, AND NG'd the rest..poor baby was FULL), Olivia was just gaseous. :) We'll do more tomorrow.
7-We successfully survived the FIRST of my THREE due dates for the girls! :) Yes, my due date changed 3 times. They certainly are cute for babies who were just DUE today, and tomorrow, and Saturday! :)
8-I FINALLY Own my first car. Paid for entirely by me, well, and Matt. It's his THIRD car, but my first officially owned car that I bought and paid for, it's an awesome feeling of accomplishment. Can't wait until I can say the same thing about my other car AND eventually (in a gazillion years) about my house. :)



Without my Paci, I am lost. :(

As you can tell things are going. We're playing the waiting game and praying like all heck for next week and a home date to come! IN the meantime the nursery will be officially finished this weekend, the rest of the clothes that our family and friends have so generously given us will be washed and folded and we'll finish all our other fun things around here so we are READY. FINALLY. Not that we weren't ready weeks ago.

Hope all is well!



  1. Love Olivia's puckery face. Too cute:o)

  2. I was just looking at the first pictures of the twins right after they were born and comparing them to today's picture of Matt holding both and it is amazing how far they have come. Though I know it's frustrating not having them home yet, just remember how much progress they have made and the fact you have two (2) beautiful, healthy baby girls.


  3. Oh my, these have got to be the cutest babies ever born. The expressions, those eyes....the skin....they are gorgeous. Definitely little angels and well worth the wait. See you soon. GMa Carol

  4. They are awful cute little buggers!


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