Tuesday, September 16, 2008

They are official!

Well, we received a piece of evidence that the girls really exist according to the government today. We got their birth certificates! This goes along with their social security cards we got a few weeks ago. So, while many may believe that they are figments of our imagination since few people have actually seen them in person, they do exist!

Nothing else too exciting in the lives of our girls. Jeni worked with our nurses and their speech therapists to introduce a new type of bottle for Olivia. This will hopefully help her eat a little bit better. We were also told that our doctors may have the girls' feeding tubes removed next week to challenge them to eat on their own. This is a little 'tough love' for the girls to push them to work harder on their own to eat. Hopefully over the next few days the girls will figure it out on their own and they'll have their tubes taken out because they aren't needed anyway...

Oh well, keep your fingers crossed!

Here are some photo shoot pics from today! :)




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