Friday, June 27, 2008

28 Weeks, 1 Day

As I'm entering this, my first personal entry of our Baby Blog, we've hit a milestone that Jeni desperately wanted to achieve.

As Jeni mentioned in the last entry, we've had quite a bit of drama already in this pregnancy. At 23 weeks, she was smart enough and cautious enough to take herself to the Labor and Delivery unit when things just "didn't feel right." Thank god she did.

During her stay at the hospital and after things calmed down a bit, our doctor informed us that up until 28 weeks we would have to go to Children's Hospital if Jeni started to go into labor again. After that, our twins can be born and treated at Mobap, which is where both Jeni's doctor and twins' pediatrician practice.

This week, Jeni had to cope with me being gone overnight for the first time in her pregnancy. I wasn't comfortable with her staying alone, so I asked my mom and step-dad to come and "babysit" her. Mom also took her to her 28 week doctor appointment. She reports that everything went well. The babies are over 2 lbs each currently but the doctor would have liked them to be bigger.

We're watching the calendar and hoping the babies stay where they are for quite a while to come.


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