Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Your Kids Killed my Dog"...

So today, the Nursery Nazi (as I refered to her after a long and tiring day OR Gretchen as she is known by all that know and love her) and her 2 adorable children showed up to help me get organized. And Organized we are after 6 hours of her HARD work, as I lazed in my rocker in the nursery (I know it's hard to believe I was actually being a good girl). The Nursery Nazi would not have it any other way... not that I have the energy or even the ability these days to run around, etc.

I absolutely cannot thank her enough. When I wanted to stop and rest, she plowed on through... she even put together our last crib (which poor Matt hasn't had time to do b/c he's been so busy keeping up with the house, laundry, dogs, me, and eventually getting some time to rest...I told him this was just preparing him for the babies). :) If she wasn't his favorite cousin before today, she certainly is now.

Poor Sugar, on the other hand. Well, she was TIRED half way through the visit... She even crawled up on my lap in a 'Mommy Save Me' attempt b/c Tia and Kyra wore her out.

All I can say is, my nursery is organized (thank god), Matt is so tickled about not having to put the last crib together, and I am SURE that Gretchen slept like a log last tonight! As I tell Matt on a regular basis, next to him, she's the greatest thing that happened to me since I married him... I could not have asked for a better, cooler, more fun cousin. I love her like a sister. :)

Sugar slept like the dead tonight and all day on Wednesday. Life is hard being a boxer in our house, can't you tell!


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