Monday, June 23, 2008

Big Night Out!

Tonight was one of the most exciting experiences I've had in a LONG time and one of the most expensive I've ever had...

I got the all clear to go to Babies R Us and use our 15% off coupons and I even got to eat dinner out at McAllisters' Deli that they just built by our house... We had one by our old house in Creve Coeur and I loved it... The only disappointment of the night was the continued ban on tomatoes)

Anyway, Matt and I had to make a trip to BRU (as it is fondly called) to get some last minute accessories. Yes, I know the babies aren't coming for a LONG time, but I needed to get some things before Gretchen came over and organized us. SOOOOOOOOO, thus we ventured out. Two hours and $500 later, we have fun things like a changing table pad, covers, feeding supplies, a hamper, mobiles for the cribs (amazingly the ones from BRU exactly match our bedding from Target that we got at 1/2 the price), our last mattress, and other fun things that escape my mind currently.

It was nice to get out in public and see other people!

Dinner was awesome too! :)


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