Saturday, June 28, 2008

Good & Bad Boxer News...

Happy Birthday Mom... Thanks for taking me shopping today while Matt was out with friends. It was good to get out of the house, even if it was in a wheelchair!

Tonight we are having some of our best friends over, hopefully I won't be too tired to be fun! :O)

Okay, back to the Boxers... Let's start with good news...
This is Cassius' LAST weekend visit before he comes home permanently from MU for his treatment for his macroadenoma (large tumor on his pituitary gland), which was causing him to basically starve himself... just what we needed since this issue coincided with Baby issues. Just more stress on Matt and Me. :( But thankfully he is doing SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better.

The bad news is that Sugar has a tumor on her right hind leg that is going to have to come off. :( Our poor vet, he feels so sorry for us that he's giving us a 1/2 off discount. God, I love that man. These boxers are sucking us dry, but they are our FIRST babies. I know a lot of people think we are ridiculous for how we treat them and the $$ we've spent, but they light up our lives and we couldn't live without them... there is something to be said about unconditional love... I can't WAIT to see them with the twins! :)

So, SUgar's surgery is Thurs, July 3rd, the same day that Cassius comes home permanently! YAY! Some normalcy is finally returning to our lives.

GUess this means that Sugar won't be going to my mom's (my Sunday babysitter) on Sunday with me to torture Maddie (the bagel - beagle/basset mix - that my mom rescued). She's known as the dog that won the doggie lottery according to my brother...

2 more dogs at mom's house when we visit may just put poor Maddie over the top! What can she say, she's a 'fradie cat!


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