Sunday, July 6, 2008

Long Restful Weekend... almost.

Jeni and I were both very happy for the long holiday weekend to arrive.

Because of Jeni's Thursday doctor's appointment, I took the day off even though my office was scheduled to close early for the July 4th weekend. We got up early on Thursday and loaded Sugar into the car and dropped her off at the vet's for her tumor removal. Things went smoothly there even though I know Sugar wasn't happy to be left there alone.

Jeni and I met my mom at the doctor's office and waited for our turn in the ultrasound room. The ultrasound was pretty uneventful. It took a while longer than usual because there was a student doing some of the procedure along with the technician. They spent a long time watching for the babies to do some "practice breathing" on the monitor. Baby B complied, but Baby A was being stubborn. Jeni says Baby A is just like me. I have no idea what she's referring to.

Following the ultrasound, we went back out to the waiting room where my poor mother was waiting patiently. Unfortunately, she had a while longer to wait as Jeni and I went back to see the doctor. Again nothing new really. He was a bit concerned that while it hadn't changed much, her cervix had shortened slightly. Her schedule of meds are approaching its maximum and he is committed to "keeping her pregnant" as long as possible. So, on this visit, he decided it was time to administer a pessery.

If you, like me, don't know what a pessery is, I'll explain it. Let's see... Imagine an inflatable baseball-sized balloon that is shaped a bit like a dreidel when it's deflated... Well, the pessery is designed to provide the cervix with additional support as the pressure builds from the growing babies. I'll let you use your imagination on how it's "administered". Jeni can share her thoughts on it in another post...

So after that wonderful experience, we left the doctor's office with unfortunately not enough time for all of us to go to lunch. We had originally planned to grab a bite to eat before I hit the road to Columbia. But since it was after 1:00 when we were finished at the doctor, I decided to skip lunch. Unfortunately, my plans to get to Columbia early quickly evaporated when I encountered a highway shutdown on 40 just before the Boone Bridge. I had to backtrack all the way to 270 and up to I-70 which added nearly an hour onto my drive...

The rest of the day went as planned as I picked up Cassius from Mizzou and got him checked out of the clinic for the last time. We stopped by the vet in Creve Coeur and picked up Sugar and the 3 of us made our way home. Since it was so late already, I stopped by Culvers for some quick dinner for Jeni and I. Needless to say, after dinner I was exhausted and ready for bed... I believe I fell asleep on the couch.

We celebrated the 4th of July with Keith and Amy by grilling and having some drinks on the patio. It was unseasonably cool for the 4th and quite comfortable... no heat or humidity which was nice! Keith and I even got in a game of washers without breaking a sweat. Well, nearly.

Saturday was a lazy day around the house. Jeni relaxed on the sofa and I decided it was time to clean up my filthy car. From multiple trips back and forth to the vets and Mizzou, my backseat was covered in dog hair and slobber. Since I'll be taking my car to the firehouse soon to get some carseat bases installed, I need to do LOTS of cleaning. After I was finished, I was amazed at how clean the car looked!

Unfortunately, my relaxing evening on Saturday was not to be. As I put some water on to boil to make some corn on the cob, Jeni made a call to her doctor about some developments with the pessery that concerned her. The doctor who returned her call was not her regular doctor (booo!) and he directed us to come to Barnes Hospital (oh crap!).

Our trip to Barnes that night lasted nearly 3 hours and ended with us coming back home with really no resolution and a "talk to your doctor on Tuesday" instruction... Needless to say, I wasn't happy, but was relieved that Jeni could come home and nothing serious was happening.

So, that brings us to today, Sunday. Finally a nice relaxing day at home for us. The boxers slept most of the day. Jeni did some reading and web browsing (as usual). I was fairly productive as I did about 5 loads of laundry and mowed the front lawn...

If only all of our weekend days could be this slow...
I'm a realist though and understand that these quiet weekends of sleeping in and doing nothing are numbered...

I wonder if this is one of my last.


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