Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Visitors for the Girls

Not a lot has changed for the girls today, really. Olivia is off of the CPAP and Sydney should be soon as well.

Grandma Pat and Aunt Judy went to Children's and visited the girls. The NICU nurse informed Grandma Pat that Sydney and Olivia are both quite vocal and can be heard in the hallways on occasion crying. That's impressive for how tiny they are! Pat says that Olivia is obviously part of her family as she quickly went from crying to sound asleep on her side after getting some food...

Also visiting the girls today were Mike and Nozomi. After seeing the girls, Mike and Nozomi met me for dinner in Olivette. Afterwards I headed down to spend a few hours with the girls before heading home.

I'm putting lots of miles in making the round trips and I'm sure Cassius and Sugar are not liking the amount of time they are spending in their crates. I think they got spoiled while their mom was at home on bedrest...

Lucky for us, it was another good day for Olivia & Sydney. I was even able to drop off some milk that Jeni was able to provide!


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