Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lessons from Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery, & Recovery....

In my absence from the Blog, I thought I'd return with some thoughts....Here are a few of the fabulous lessons that I have learned in the last 7 months.....
1. Pregnancy does WEIRD things to your body...enough said....Labor and Delivery...well that does weird things elaboration required, I am sure! :)
2. Babies have their own schedule and be darned with what their parents want/think.
3. My body HATES anesthesia.....
4. There are few pain meds I can take without throwing up. :( Sucks to be me.
5. C-Sections ARE NOT the EASY way out...a pox on those of you whom have/had suggested that.
6. Recovery from a C-Section is HARD, it hurts, but not as bad as other post pregnancy joys.
7. ALL women who are recovering from a C-Section should have a sign on their door that says NO LAUGHTER ALLOWED.
8. I USED to be lactose intolerant...until I got pg...well, now apparently I am to be me.
9. I rarely ate fast food before I was pg b/c it made me sick, then I got pg and the twins LOVED fast apparently my body hates fast food again.
10. I used to have IBS....then I got I have it again.
11. Pregnancy brain does NOT go away once you give birth, if anything it's worse afterwards.
12. Things never really go as planned. :(
13. Bedrest does a number on your body, hopefully by the time the girls come home I'll regain my energy! :)
14. I have never loved my husband more than I do now.
15. NOTHING else in life matters but my precious darling little girls and my husband, well, my dogs too. :)
16. I can't wait to BUST OUT OF THIS JOINT and go see my babies. It seems like everyone else has seen/touched them but me, and that STINKS. :(

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