Monday, July 14, 2008

A Busy Sunday!

I attempted to catch up on some much needed sleep, but the Boxers have needs apparently. They both like to wake me up around 6:30 no matter what day of the week it is... Luckily, they are fine with going back to bed afterwards. I was able to get some additional rest until Jeni called a little after 10 to check on me.

I started my day preparing for the events later that day. I had to get Amy's shower gift together and make it look nice. We got her a baby tub and Jeni's mom made some adorable blankets to go in it along with a bunch of outfits, rattles, and toys- all revolving around a bunny theme! After arranging that, I wrapped it up. I also did a small load of baby laundry (some of the new premie clothes I bought yesterday). Unfortunately, these things took longer than I thought and I was quickly running behind. In addition, I had to stop and get a shower card at Walgreens.

It never fails that when I'm running late, I get behind the slowest people on earth in the checkout lane. One women was buying groceries for what seemed to be a month and another guy was purchasing 6 quarts of motor oil... and then inquired on how he could get his rebate, which totally stumped the awkward young man behind the counter... What should have been a 3 minute stop for a card turned into nearly 10... By the way, who changes their own oil these days? Haven't you heard of Jiffy Lube, dude?

I stopped by Lion's Choice and picked up lunch for Jeni AND myself. Again, I'm in line behind super slow people. A young couple with a little girl proceded to order enough food to feed 6 people...

Finally I made it to the hospital with our lunch and we chatted while we ate. Her doctor then came in to do his rounds for the day. We talked about how Jeni was progressing along with the finer points in raising girls, dining out in St. Louis, and how he goes through 10 pairs of shoes a year thanks to random fluids from deliveries...

I headed out to Amy's shower and dropped off our gift for her and Keith. Then I went to a bar and had some beers with Keith, his dad, 2 brothers, and his nephew. Afterwards we went back to his mom's where I helped them load up the car with the bounty from the shower.

I made it back to the hospital where Nancy was visiting with Jeni. We hung out for a bit longer before I collected the milk that Jeni has been able to pump and headed home.

I grabbed a bite to eat and fed the Boxers before heading up to Children's to see the girls again.

As for a status update: Sydney is off of her Bili-light, but Olivia is not. Sydney has a new main-line IV in her arm because she kept wiggling too much and knocking out the others. Olivia has now caught up to her sister in her volume levels... she's just as noisy, the nurses report. Both girls are now feeding on mommy's milk. They are also off of their CPAPs and are just getting some humid air in through their nasal tubes. They both opened their eyes quite a bit tonight as well...

The girls were a little more active tonight and I got some good pictures! I also got to hold them both (one-at-a-time) for the first time really. Wow, what an amazing feeling. They are sooo beautiful. Yeah, I know I'm biased, but you can see for yourself how adorable they are...

Here's Olivia looking into the camera.

Here's Sydney trying to be awake.

And here's some more random shots of them in their isolettes.

Jeni gets discharged tomorrow and will get to spend some much needed (and much overdue) time with the girls. I know she is looking forward to this a TON. It'll be great to see her with them finally.


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