Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Very Busy Day for The Girls

Today, the girls are 1 week old. And today was a very busy day with lots of visitors!

Jeni went to the hospital this morning to see the girls along with Grandma Sharon and Aunt Carolyn. Aunt Carolyn was VERY eager to see the girls for the first time.

Later in the morning, Grandpa Gale and Grandma Vicki arrived at Children's to visit the girls. This was the first time that Gale & Vicki had seen the girls since their birth at MoBap a week ago.

After Sharon and Carolyn left, Jeni hung out at the hospital with Gale and Vicki for a few more hours. She was very tired and fell asleep on the car ride home (No big surprise to me since she sleeps on virtually every car ride more than 10 minutes long when I'm driving...)

After getting back home, Jeni napped to get some energy back before I came home.

I got home, changed clothes, and we headed over to Keith & Amy's for dinner. On the highway, we saw Mike and Nozomi and Jeni called them on their cell. Turns out they were headed down to the hospital to see the girls as well!

At their house, Keith and Amy had picked up some food from Pasta House and we chatted over dinner. After that, we all headed down to Children's for 'Uncle' Keith and 'Aunt' Amy to see the girls for the first time. Up until this point, they had only seen pictures. It seems to be a common reaction, but Keith & Amy were amazed at how small they really are. Pictures really don't do them justice... (showing their size or how damn cute they are either!)

As for their conditions: Olivia had a bit of an issue last night. The IV in her hand ruptured and is being monitored by the doctors. This could potentially cause some scarring in her hand, but it is being evaluated by plastic surgeons and looks o.k. for now. Since she is doing well, the IV came out and won't have to go back in. (Did I mention that Jeni cried for 45 minutes last night when the pediatrician called about Olivia's hand? She was upset because they 'messed up' her perfect baby)! While I was upset as well, apparently Mama was having a harder time dealing with her babies having 'issues' or concerns.

Today was also a busy day for little Miss Sydney as well. Today, Sydney had an ultrasound of her heart to check out the murmur that she has, we are still waiting to hear from her neonatologist about it. However, he didn't seem too concerned when he and Jeni were watching the ultrasound. The nurse also commented that if it was serious we would have already known about it. Just a reminder something like 85% of all babies are born with heart murmurs that correct by their first birthday. Sydney is still on the IV for now until she puts on some more weight. Both girls gained 2 ounces today, which is great! Olivia is off of the humid air and Sydney should be as well in the next day or so.

Overall, another good day for the girls, even if it was a bit exhausting because of the number of visitors... In total, they had EIGHT visitors today, not counting Jeni and me! They must really be loved! :)

Now, what I know you all came for....


Olivia sound asleep on her belly.

Apparently someone is being too noisy for Olivia's taste.

Jeni says, just like her, Olivia likes to stick her foot out from under the covers when she's hot.

"Uncle" Keith and "Aunt" Amy checking out the girls.

Sydney is attempting to keep her eyes open. She was sound asleep until she heard her Dad's voice.

Sydney sleeping on her back with her foot in the air.

Until tomorrow...


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