Wednesday, July 16, 2008

6 Days Old!

So the girls are 6 days old today... And things are still going well for both of them.

As updated before, they are both off of oxygen and are breathing room air, like you and me. The small tubes you see in their noses helps keep their nasal passages moist with humid air. It's not really to help them breathe, but to keep them from drying out. Babies their age are usually still surrounded by amniotic fluid, so they have to adjust to the drier environment.

They are both being fed through tiny feeding tubes that run into their noses and down to their stomachs. Both girls are being fed Mom's milk in tiny doses. Sydney, since she is smaller, is getting a fortifier added to the milk for extra calories. This will help her grow and put on weight faster. As you may know, babies typically lose a few ounces after birth, and the girls have as well. Only tiny amounts but we want them to start putting on the weight so that they can go home sooner.

So today, Grandma Sharon & Grandpa Rick took Jeni to the hospital around mid-day. She hung out with the girls until I joined them this afternoon on the way home from work. This is beginning to be a routine and works well. I typically get there in time for the girls to have their diapers changed and to be fed. Jeni and I are both active in doing these things and I've become quite comfortable (and skilled) at changing their diapers inside the isolette.

Here are some pictures from today.

First up, our Miss Olivia.

And now, Little Miss Sydney.

We tucked the girls in and told them we would see them tomorrow. It's really really tough leaving 2 things as cute as these behind at the hospital!

After getting home, I whipped up some pasta and salad and Jeni attempted to clean and organize the kitchen. Apparently in her absense, I had let it spiral downward into chaos that she couldn't take...

That's all for now. Tomorrow the girls are a week old!


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