Monday, July 14, 2008

Free at Last, Free at Last!

So today Jeni was finally emancipated from the hospital. She was counting down the hours before I arrived to pick her up. I got to the hospital around noon and she was dressed and ready to go.

As I was coming into the hospital, I ran into the OB who we met the day that we nearly lost our little girls almost 7 weeks ago. Dr. Kim was on duty at MoBap the day Jeni felt her first contractions and started into pre-term labor back in week 23. Dr. Kim walked us through a very scary moment in our lives and made us feel comfortable, yet very aware of how serious the situation was back then. It was great to see her again and even better to be able to share a happy ending with her and show her pictures of our beautiful little girls. After she hugged us both, Jeni and I headed for the car, with the help of a nurse and a large cart for all of Jeni's belongings...

We headed home to unload the car and to drop off some prescriptions at Walgreens before making our way to Children's for Jeni to see the girls for the first time since Thursday.

Jeni is still very sore and her speed is 'slow' at best, so I could tell it was frustrating her how long it was taking to get up to see the girls. That was probably one of the longest walks and elevator rides of her life. It was all worth it though when she got into the room and saw the girls. She gushed with joy and emotion as she saw them again.

Jeni and I both helped change their tiny little diapers, which are about the size of a maxi pad. Naturally, Jeni was like I was and afraid we could break the tiny little things just by picking them up.

After their diaper change, we took some quick pictures before settling into our chairs to hold them. Again, Jeni was beaming with joy to hold her babies.
Olivia is still getting treatment for jaundice under the bili-lights. That's why she's wearing the little mask.

Jeni holding Olivia for the first time.

Here's Sydney sleeping. It's one of her favorite hobbies.

I'm holding Sydney. Kinda proud. :)

Jeni's turn with Sydney.

Here's a tiny foot!

And a cute face!

We took a quick break to go to the cafeteria for a snack and then back up to hold the babies again.

We left the hospital around 7:00 and got home where Mike met us. He brought us over some homemade lasagna. YUM.

Great day, all around!


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