Friday, July 11, 2008

The Girls at Children's

I stayed with Jeni for a few more hours at MOBAP before heading down to Children's to see the girls. I had never been to Children's Hospital before and didn't know what to expect. I knew all of the great things that had been said about the level of care and how it ranks as top 10 in the country, but I hadn't seen it first-hand.

One word for Children's Hospital: WOW.

That place is just amazing. First Class all the way.

Even the parking garage is nice! I parked in the garage and made my way to the 2nd level bridge that connects to the hospital. Immediately entering there, a check-in desk attendant greeted me and asked to help me. I informed him that I was there to see the Wideman Twins in the NICU. (Just saying that for the first time gave me a funny feeling...) The attended printed out two stickers for me to place on my chest, labeling me as the parent... Again, more funny feelings.

I made my way to the NICU and checked in there. They started a sign-in sheet for the girls, so that we could keep track of who visits. Finally, I made my way back to their rooms. Yes, I said ROOMS. They each had their own room! And, those rooms were each BIGGER than the room Jeni was in back at the other hospital! AND, they each had their own nurse...

Here's Olivia's room.

And here she is... wearing a hat. She must've been cold. She's still got the breathing tube in for now.
And here's Miss Sydney's Room.

Here she is sleeping. She's wearing a CPAP to give her some extra forced air and a tiny bit of extra oxygen.

I spent about 2 hours going back and forth between rooms, just putting my hands in on the girls to comfort them.

I left late in the evening and exhausted from a HUGE day of excitement. It was a total blur, but a day I will never, ever forget.


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