Thursday, July 10, 2008

After Delivery

Following their arrival, the babies were bundled up and taken down to the Special Care Nursery. I headed out into the hallway and attempted to find anyone I could share the news with.

Jeni's mom had to leave for a work meeting while we were in the delivery room and I couldn't immediately locate Dad and Vicki. I finally got ahold of Vicki on her cell phone and found out that they had been waiting in the family waiting room for a while. However, Dad got anxious and couldn't sit still so they had to head down to the cafeteria.

Dad and Vicki made it back up to the third floor and Jeni was wheeled back into her room so she could recover and rest. Unfortunately, the meds they gave her for her spinal made her extremely nauseous. As she rested, Dad, Vicki and I talked in the hallway and waited for the rest of the family to arrive. Soon Jeni was feeling up for visitors, so Dad and Vicki sat and talked with Jeni while I checked on the babies.

I made my way to the Special Care Nursery and got my first peek at the girls there.

Olivia was on a breathing tube to help her little lungs work better. She received some medications immediately to help them work as well.

Sydney was a crier and breathing on her own immediately, so she was not given the same meds.

I spoke with the Neonatologists and they told me that they had decided to transport the girls down to Children's Hospital. This wasn't being done for any emergency reasons, just because of their small size and that the NICU at MOBAP was fairly full at the time. They said that the Transport Team would come and bundle the girls and bring them by Jeni's room before they left.

When I got back to Jeni's room, the nurses were preparing to move her to a regular room and out of the Antepartum area of the OB floor. So we packed up all of Jeni's stuff and followed her down the hall. Mom arrived around then and we all settled in to Jeni's new room to visit. Rick soon arrived after that and we anxiously awaited the babies' visit before their trip to Children's.

At about 3:30 the Transport Team arrived. They came in dressed in uniforms fit for a NASCAR driver. They wheeled the babies in inside their isolettes and strapped in looking ready to blast off to space!

Olivia still on her breathing tube.

Sydney (The Diva) in the spotlight, ready for her limo ride to the fancy hospital.

The new grandparents, Jeni and I all said goodbye to the girls and they were off.

Even though it was really tough to see them being taken away, I knew they were headed somewhere where they would get the best care possible.


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