Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bottles & Baths!

Friday morning arrived and I headed out to work while Jeni had some errands to run. As Jeni mentioned yesterday, we scheduled our carpets to be cleaned on Friday afternoon. So, she packed up Cassius and Sugar and took them down to Sharon & Rick's for the weekend. After that, she headed down to the hospital to spend some time with Sydney & Olivia.

Since she's working on getting more practice time with the girls, I came home around noon to work from home while the carpets were being cleaned. Since I've had Cassius for nearly 9 years, I've gotten used to having him or him and his sister waiting for me when I arrived home. It's earily quiet in the house when the dogs aren't there!

After the carpets were cleaned and I finished my work, I hit the road for the hospital. Upon arriving, Jeni had just finished pumping. It was time for a diaper change for Sydney and to get her ready for her 5:00 bottle. Sydeny was a champ again on the bottle and the nurses continue to be impressed at how well both girls are doing with eating from the bottles.

Sydney taking her bottle and doing a great job!

While Sydney ate from the bottle, Jeni got to give Olivia a bath for the first time. Olivia was very happy in her bath and the warm water. She was so cute sitting there! With her little fat belly, she looked like buddha sitting in a hot tub. Very Cute!

WHOA, Mommy! That water's COLD!

Just chillin' in the hot tub...

After her bath, it was Olivia's turn taking a bottle. She too did a good job! As she finished her bottle, I was putting her back into her crib. Right then, she had a huge EXPLOSION in her diaper. Normally this wouldn't be something important enough to tell you about, however, less than 45 minutes earlier Jeni had changed a very FULL diaper AND had to clean Olivia up as she messed the new diaper before Jeni could even get it on her... THE GIRL WAS FULL OF IT! Not surprisingly, when Jeni called to check on the girls later in the day, the nurse told us that Olivia had actually lost weight! :)

We made it home in the early evening and decided to grab dinner out. We wanted to eat outside and enjoy the continuing pleasant weather. However, everyone at Frankie G's decided to do the same thing and were basically camped out on the patio. We ended up waiting nearly 45 minutes and then gave up and ate inside. I promised Jeni we'd be able to eat on the patio soon!

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out in the quiet, boxer-less house and watching more Olympic events. We were both happy the weekend was finally here... Just can't wait 'til the girls come home!

More to come tomorrow!


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