Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Isolettes? We don't need no stinking Isolettes!

...Hopefully one day my girls will enjoy films like 'Blazing Saddles' as much as their father...

Anyway, good evening blog readers. As you might be able to guess by the title of this entry, the girls made another big step in their quest to come home. This afternoon Olivia & Sydney were moved to open air cribs and out of their isolettes. Since their birth on 7-10-08, the girls have been residing at the hospital in what was formerly known as an incubator... As someone who is constantly curious about the English language (what, you didn't know that about me?), I did some digging on what the actual definition of 'isolette' was. According to dictionary.com 'isolette' is simply "a brand of incubator for premature or other newborn infants, providing controlled temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels and having armholes through which the infant can be reached with minimum disturbance to the controlled environment." Yeah, that. And by now, you've seen plenty of pictures of these things... A little over a week ago, they were taken out of their fancy-schmancy (that's a technical term) isolette and put into a 'stepdown' (i.e. older, not as fancy-schmancy) isolette. Now, because they have been able to hold their own temperatures, they are living in open air cribs. These are much friendlier looking and less like something that belongs in an ICU.
The new "convertible with the top down" model of crib

I think we need more stuffed animals on the wall behind me...

Jeni was late in getting down to spend time with the girls today because the baby that was just moved into the room across the hall had to have some sort of surgery today. In the NICU, they don't actually take the babies to an operating room, rather they bring the surgeons into the unit and close it down to visitors. Since we were right across the hall, our nurse called us to tell us that we'd have to wait to visit our girls until the surgery was finished.

So, Jeni did some more things around the house and spent more money (again) on the girls. Don't get me wrong... I know we have lots of expenses and my girls are worth it... I'd just like to see fewer outfits and stuffed animals thrown in on these shopping trips... :P Sorry, Jeni.

I stopped by the hospital as usual on the way home from work and visited with the girls and then Jeni and I had a romantic dinner in the hospital cafeteria. Following that, I walked Jeni back to the girls' room and headed home. She stayed and made up for time missed earlier in the day to practice with Sydney and Olivia again.

I watched some more Olympics tonight and tried to get over my frustration from last night. In case you missed it, we've been watching quite a few events in the Olympics. Some of my favorites have always been gymnastics. WARNING: I'M ABOUT TO RANT. Last night, I was reminded of my love-hate relationship with gymnastics and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and the ridiculous rules involved with both. Another American girl was crushed and robbed, as really crappy judging (and an even more ridiculous tie-breaking system) stole the Gold medal from Nastia Liukin. In a clearly superior performance, Liukin received the same score as one of the 7 year old chinese gymnasts. The 7 year old had a great performance, but with several more errors... To add insult to the tie score, the convoluted tie breaker actually awarded first place to the Chinese 7 year old! Nearly every other Olympic sport simply gives out multiple medals if there is a tie... but not gymnastics. This is on top of the clearly ridiculous scoring from 2 nights ago, where my favorite gymnast of these Olympic games, Alicia Sacramone, was hosed by the judges who gave another Chinese gymnast the bronze medal even though she FELL DOWN on her landing during the vault competition... I think I'm going to stick to swimming and track & field events where it's competitor versus competitor, with no crooked or unqualified judges involved. Not sure if becoming a father has made me more sensitive to the plights of these girls or what, but these things just really ticked me off... OK, RANT OVER.

So, now that you had to put up with that (kinda like watching the undercard fights before the main event), here are some pictures from today...
Olivia either deep in thought or sleeping... before her diaper change

Olivia after a wardrobe change & just before being moved to her new crib

Olivia likes her hat & hates her cannula

In this picture, I told Sydney to give me her "Sneaky" Look. She's good.

Next, I said "Look surprise & puzzled." She's just a natural.

Finally, like all models, she was fed up and tired of the photo shoot.

More of our little models tomorrow. I'll try and keep my rantings to 2 sentences or fewer.


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