Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Getting Bigger!

Today (well, actually yesterday, since I was practicing the theme of our blog from this weekend last night), when I arrived at the NICU, it was time for the first of 4 nursing practice sessions with the girls. HOWEVER, before you can practice with the girls it's assessment time (diaper change, temp check, placement of feeding tube, looking for PGA (how they tolerated their feeds), outfit changes for both girls since they hadn't been changed the night before, and today...how long they are.

Miss Olivia is now 17.5 inches long (she was 15.5 at birth) and 4lbs, 6.5 oz.
Getting her outfit changed for her new sleeper!


Miss Sydney is now 16 inches long (she was 14.5 at birth) and 3lbs, 9 oz.

Getting her outfit changed for her new sleeper!

Shockingly enough, Olivia is working on her first little fat roll on her leg, it's soooooooo cute! Sadly, Sydney's outgrown her cute little yellow, pink, and purple hat, it was so cute for them to have cute DIFFERENT hats. Now she'll be in her (equally as cute hat), but the same pink and purple hat as her sister! :)

Also, yesterday they turned off their isolette's AGAIN. So, hopefully while I am there this afternoon, they will still be keeping their body temps up so that they can get into Open Air Cribs. After this we'll just need to work on continuing to keep their temps up and then eating on their own. SO, we are STEPS away from them coming home! YAY! WHich is why I've been scheduling some of those things on that LONG list I listed last week of things that need to be done before the babies come home (like carpet cleaning, thankfully Nana Sharon and PaPa Rick were able to watch the Boxer babies this weekend for us, OR we'd run the risk of having wet carpet potentially when the babies came home)! Some things are still getting worked on like the organization of the nursery and purchasing of last minute things from our registry, but a potential end is insight! :)

My only concern from yesterday's conversation with our LPN is that there is a potential that Olivia COULD go home on her oxygen. So not happy about that, so unmotivated breather you need to get with the program. THey have upped her levels to encourage her to breathe better on her own and they will try her again off her .5 liter of oxygen again, but you never know. I know that Michelle (LPN) was just trying to prepare me in the event that they have to go home and she's still on that oxygen. We also discussed my concerns about their reflux. Apparently ALL preemies have reflux and it is something they outgrow as they get bigger and learn to manage their airways better. We also discussed what happens when they are in big girl cribs, in terms of helping them maintain their body temps, so look to see them wearing JUST sleepers from now on as they are warmer than onsies. :( Oh well. Guess I'll be running to Walmart or Babies R Us for some more of those, but I'm hesitant to buy anything that is preemie anymore because SOON they'll start outgrowing those. Story of our lives I am sure!

Last night we again enjoyed another meal prepared for us by my mom, which was nice because there just never is enough time in the day. BUT, while it was cooking, we were able to squeeze in a walk with the puppies who were SOOOOO happy to have some mommy and daddy time. After dinner we again watched some of the Olympics (I was able to wake up/stay awake for my favorite part...the Gymnastics)...where Matt got a little heated (again) as the US/Nastia Lukin was 'cheated' out of another gold metal. He's very passionate about his Olympics...I don't remember this from years past, but oh well. It's cute! :)

Have a great day..I'm off to nap for a little bit!


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