Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sleep... Get it while you can.

Where does the time go? As the girls hit the 5 week mark on Thursday, it seems like only a few days ago I was making my first trip to the NICU to see the girls while Jeni was still in the hospital. Now, they are making daily improvements towards going home. They still have a few setbacks, but we can definitely see progress.

Speaking of setbacks, only a couple of days ago, Olivia was able to have her cannulas removed and taken off of oxygen & humidity. Well, overnight on Thursday the nurses decided she needed to go back on it. Seems she was having too many periods of low oxygen saturation... So we hope by next week she'll have them removed again. As we were told when the girls arrived, we would have ups and downs with their progress.

It was a busy and an exhausting weekend for everyone. As I write this, I'm the only family member not snoozing. Jeni (on the couch), Cassius (on the floor), and Sugar (on the chair) all seem to have taken this weekend hard!

Friday night, after the hospital, we enjoyed some Shepard's pie for dinner, courtesy of Grandma Pat. It had been nearly six months since we had this for dinner. Jeni calls this meal a "winter meal." It was tasty whatever it is...

On Saturday, the girls had lots of visitors. Jeni went down early in the day and spent time with them before heading out to West County for a hair appointment. Grandma Pat & Aunt Judy visited the girls in the mid-afternoon. Nana Sharon (that's the nickname that Sharon has decided upon, instead of Grandma) & Grandpa Rick came by and picked me up later in the day and took me down with them to see the girls as well. After the grandparents left, "Uncle" Keith and "Aunt" Amy came down. They met us at the hospital for a brief visit before we headed to dinner. As you may remember, Jeni was on bed rest on her birthday and couldn't make it out to dinner. So, she requested that we go to dinner somewhere she could sit outside. Typically, Jeni requests going to Hacienda in Rock Hill, so we gave it a try again. Unfortunately, it's been so nice that the patio there was packed. It was an hour and 45 minute wait for a table! So, our backup plan was another one of Jeni's favorites, Bandana's. We were quickly seated and enjoyed the gorgeous weather and some drinks and dinner. Not quite margaritas and Mexican, but a good 2nd choice.

Upon getting home Jeni and I settled in to relax on the couch and I pulled out the laptop to check my email... Unfortunately, when earlier in the day we reorganized the nursery, we had to unplug the internet router and modem... Apparently, this screwed something up, because our network was gone...NO internet access. So I literally spent the next 3 hours on my own and on the phone with tech support trying to get our internet back up and running. I finally got to bed after 1 AM.

Sunday morning the internet connection was back up but our wireless network was still whacked, so I spent another hour getting that fixed on the phone with the Linksys tech support guy. Not sure what his name was, but thanks Indian-tech-support guy! I'm sure he told me his name was Steve or Harry when it was really something else... Regardless, he helped me get us up and running... That's one of the reasons why this blog is just now being updated... Sorry if I've disappointed you. Indian-tech guy and I did work as hard and as fast as we could.

So after my education on the programming of a linksys wireless router and reassignments of IP Addresses (blah blah blah tech-y stuff), I enjoyed another beautiful day of weather by mowing the lawn! Fun! Oh, and pulling weeds and trimming. Jeni ran some errands and then went to see the girls. I cleaned up from the yard work and watched a little bit of NASCAR and took a little nap on the couch before heading to the hospital myself. I arrived at the hospital to find a very tired Jeni. She did one last round of practice with Sydney before I talked her into calling it a day there. We made it home and ordered some pizza for dinner. That brings us to now... I've been watching some more Olympics and preparing for my upcoming fantasy football draft and generally just putting off writing this entry... Oh well, looks like its bed time.

Here are some more pictures of our beauties...
Sydney just chillin'

Olivia relaxing as well...

Sydney during a diaper change

Olivia snoozing

Jeni with the girls together

Olivia with a BIG yawn

And Sydney making a silly face & looking surprised...

More updates tomorrow!

- M

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