Friday, February 18, 2011

'Cause THAT'S my JOB.....

So, as the weekend of Uncle Todd continued, it's important to note that Uncle Todd was insistant that he get the girls a present, because Uncles are Suppose to spoil their Nieces.....despite my arguements about him not needing to buy something, I gave in because "that's my job", after some serious searching, I recommended that he get the girls the Tinkerbell movie that they were missing. These days Tinkerbell is the IT toy....we love Tinkerbell! Life would be even better if we could find a Vidia doll, however she appears to be the ONLY doll from the Tinkerbell movies that isn't sold seperately. Boo. Oh well, maybe we'll get some Tinkerbell dolls for our Birthday in July! In the meantime, I have at least 6 people on the look out for a Vidia doll! Thanks for the cold weather/rain bribery Uncle Todd...Mommy appreciates it! :)

Olivia...snacking away.......

Olivia and Mommy, smiling for the camera.....

Sydney, always willing to smile for the camera!

Playing around with Uncle Todd!

Our weekend with Uncle Todd, continues to be a big hit!

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